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  1. Lovely image. Very nice indeed
  2. As others have said, for the price there is no better new ep. The bst's are excellent value for money and give great views. Nice sharp detail and dark backgrounds. Highly recommended. You can't go wrong.
  3. Cracking improvement. Very nice indeed. Well done.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm still not sure which one to get. Might have to put up 2 stockings and see if I get one of each ;-)
  5. Hi all. Which of the above filters is better to get for my 150PD-S? I like observing all things, moon, planets, nebulae etc and as of yet don't own any filters. I have searched the forum and can find comparisons for uhc vs oiii but not for the uhc vs neodymium. Any help greatly appreciated as its gonna be a stocking filler from my wife for Xmas. Cheers Stephen
  6. This is a breathtaking mosaic. So much detail and so much to look at. Really looking forward to the completion.
  7. Sry. The removed word should have been SHOT. Not one that should have been removed.
  8. A fantastic result. Very well done for the first attempt. Wish my first [removed word] looked like this.
  9. Stunning. Very well done. Lovely processing.
  10. Lovely images indeed. I was out observing and showed the mrs Jupiter and the 4 Galilean moons. She wasn't impressed. My elderly neighbour came out for a peek and she was more enthusiastic than my wife. Sry I digress. Fantastic pics.
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