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  1. Merlin, thanks so much for the info - very interesting read. If I were to put two 77mm diameter ERFs off axis on opposite sides of the secondary on a 10" SCT, would it permit the same resolution capability as one 10" ERF? What about putting a smaller ERF at the entrance to the baffle tube in a SCT? Maybe a good 90% ND filter then the ERF? Martin
  2. Consider a copy "requested" Seriously though, I would appreciate any info you care to share on the Ha system and any enhancements/mods that can improve things. My email - mlyons at cybersmart dot co dot za Thanks Martin
  3. There's definitely a big difference between the two when compared on the same setup - don't ask me to give any kind of technical reason - it just is better. Menu structure and user interface is more intuitive too.
  4. I read your thread heading a few hours ago and have had that song in my head since then - aaaarrrrggghhhhhhh. If this old world is getting you down..............
  5. Coulda sworn I had posted pics of my setups Ah well, must've been on another forum My ROR at home with the 14"LX200R And my "hitch 'n go" 16"LX200GPS
  6. You have?? Where?? I really, really, really, really need to read that one...............think I'll have to scan every post ever made.................... in every thread ..................in every forum I can find...............
  7. It's always nice to see a project come together. Having the scope mounted on a pier makes a big difference to the amount of space in the obs - no legs to trip over.
  8. I have been using one of these eyepieces since they were first launched. I recommend them to all who start out on the long and slippery road to eyepiece upgrades from the mediocre eyepieces that are normally included with mass produced scopes. The Baader zoom and the 36 Aspheric are two of the eyepieces I recommend.
  9. I wouldn't put a fuse with a rating above 3A in. If your scope/mount is drawing 2.5A, then, unless you use a slow-blow fuse, a 2.5A fuse could pop with any spikes. What happens when both motors are running together? Does it stay below 2.5A? A fuse with a rating of 10% higher than your maximum normal current draw is adequate protection Multiple outlets are parallelled (and preferably individually fused) Martin
  10. You should be........... All you lot need to do now is learn to play decent cricket and decent rugby.......... Hat, coat..........
  11. Sheesh!! Is that a miniature Coke can you're using? Nice kit. Martin
  12. Hi Roger, You're in a position to make yourself a mount that could last a lifetime if you do it right first time - think it through and plan carefully. For stepper motor or servo motor control system kits you should google Mel Bartels or bbastrodesigns or something to that effect. There is a vast user group and some really good hardware and software developed for the amateur that, quite frankly, is right up there with the best of the commercially available stuff. Good luck and enjoy the journey. Martin
  13. You want to be in a place where guns are allowed, there's regular shooting and plenty of wild life? Look no further - come to sunny South Africa. Only problem is......the wild life shoot first and are not edible if you shoot back and manage a kill.....
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