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  1. Probably a bit bonkers in thinking this but does anybody know if you can make these digital setting circles for equatorial mounts? I lost the vernier scale for the r.a & would like a way to make this more accurate if possible. Cheers!
  2. Most useful, will try that too! Thanks again & have a nice day :-)!
  3. Thanks, tried to do it by eye also last night but not nearly as thorough as your directions, will definitely give it a try fingers crossed 3rd time lucky & all that I will see something :-)! Where do you get these instructions from they seem great! Cheers
  4. Hello, tried finding the whirlpool last night & failed :-/, I was wondering if I could get a bit of advice please. I started off at Alkaid (I'm on a standard mount), set the dec. to it (can do this to 0.1deg.), set the r.a to it (within 3 or so minutes) with the vernier scale missing, quickly slew the telescope to where the galaxy should be but all I found was, all I could make out were stars. I have a skymax 127, have seen andromeda before, thats fine, but was wondering if anybody knows if there is a good reason why I couldn't see the whirlpool. 2nd attempt @ it now too, have been using s
  5. Ah, think I can get the picture now, cheers. Did you know there are a bunch of conspiracy theorists going round saying some of these sites are for weather modification & can b ounce signals off the atmosphere to cause earthquakes in foreign countries & modify the weather to make crops more expensive.... There's tonnes of videos on youtube about it is some crazy stuff. Never snapped any aliens have you? Their supposed to take left turns from the 3rd to the first dimension, de-materialise into these orbs & use that theory of how particles are all connected to eachother & beam @ l
  6. I did see a photo somewhere of a newer eq5, I think, a white 1 which had bearings also in the dec. shaft...... Yes, that's what I mean alright, tried whacking it with a hammer round the edges & all sorts. Gives a lot of friction round its under-side that does! Cheers
  7. So, what's the difference between this & haarp to do with ionising the ozone layer & weather modification if you don't mind me asking..... HAARP uses 110 mega-watts & is 2.8 mhz isn't it?
  8. Just whack a couple 2X barlows together, thats what I'd do, making sure they have coated optics & you'll be fine! That's what they say to do against planets like Saturn anyway, some web-cam barlows go up to 5X for example, the image is just supposed to go a bit wobbly is all......
  9. Try rubbing some grease off, especially if you put it on moderately, this worked for me I had a similar problem so wiped grease off a few washers with a kitchen towel & now everything is tickety-boo!
  10. Under the cap where the scope screws in on the dec., the rim & shaft where the dec. shaft arm sits inside the casing behind the vernier scale, not inside the dec. worm gear as it didn't slide off & everywhere the r.a shaft made contact with its housing on both edges other than bearings, balls or the worm. I then got out all the 'filings' so everything was nice & smooth! Am quite happy with it again, just not the weather & we're supposed to be having another wet summer again! Thanks Denmark & it's haarp machine???
  11. Go on http://www.kickstarter.com/ & see if you can do some free advertising by phoning a radio show or something, you would need to make a lot of people aware though..... Hope it helps!
  12. I used tiffs too, but saved out of photoshop in j-peg format. You should be able to layer, when you get round to doing shorter subs next time, load the two pictures in, add new layer then c&p the shorter exposed frame ontop of that one, erase the edges, go to image-> adjust the brightness + tone a bit to match it up a bit better & in a 'layer mask' (O in a square button/ bottom right) on that layer do a filter-> gausian blur round the edges with the brush tool selected, put the opaqueness to around 50% then it should look a bit like mine, but if its a bit off you can add a new l
  13. O.k then, just thought i'd finish this thread off now for future reference (I use the forum searches too). After 3 months I stripped down my mount again because of a backlash issue (Turned out the worm gear twister bolt wore lose), I said firstly that a re-grease makes no difference to slewing, turns out I put too much grease on, the load bearing surfaces' at the top of where the shafts slide in on, that take the weight, only need the tiniest bit if grease (especially if the washers are plastic) & as for the dec. axis, like the r.a one it should only contact the shaft in two places (where
  14. Did this with a skymax 127 on Sunday, also a first attempt (that I could get a result from anyhow), was ~6/20 30 second exp's & ~12/20 10 second exp's stacked in d-s-s then layered in photoshop! I have a r.a motor. *Guiding is for cheaters ;-)!
  15. Should be fine, are you sure your not being paranoid, my orion eyepieces degrade the image at the edge of the lenses' (this is normal), just make sure you dont get grit on them to rub in or you'l tear a hole in the space-time continuum & dr. who isn't real!
  16. Looks very good, but I think it's hypnotising me with it's swirls. I feel like a chicken!
  17. Yes, I saw the rings for like a 3rd time, but back on topic now I looked at orion near a large moon once & could hardly see a thing so guess it's just something i'm going to need some further experience with in order to understand (myself) I guess. I know the 'brightness' of galaxies is spread out over a larger area than just the cores, am just a bit baffled really to why it didn't want to show you see. Oh well, Cheers Long_Arms!
  18. Hello, Tried to image the whirlpool galaxy today & was wondering, as I failed, whether somebody could identify the problem for me please. Got a skymax 127 & looking through the finderscope while checking on stellarium, I got to the point where I thought this galaxy should be, but in the bit in the photo where it is (around the 'triangle'), when looking through the finder there was just dark sky. Seeing was 0, clarity 5 but did have a rising moon to contend with. The triangle location was very faint & had nothing around where it was. Took a photo of the area anyway from th
  19. Cheers guys! I live in a valley too, but luckily from the beaches round Weston-Super-Mud you can look out westwards. They're only from about 8 miles away from myself too :-)
  20. Done today at Uphill beach in Somerset: I was amazed, at greatest elongation, it only took around 40 minutes to dip below the horizon from when it even became visible! First time I ever saw it ;-).
  21. Oh, if your serious, say your young & can plot this in your scope! I'm sure it could make you famous for 5 minutes!!!
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