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  1. Also got the 12.5/10mm version. I love them both so very much, had for circa 5 years and I have no intention of changing them.
  2. As we stand my favourite is my Nikon Nav HW 17mm which come with a EIC extender, effectively giving me two for the price of one as this adds a 14mm to the same lump of glass. However it has seen only a little use so far, mainly due to poor weather in the Taurus 350 and so this is not cast in stone. I also have a newly acquired APM 24mm UFF and initial results with this eyepiece are very promising so the above could change.
  3. I have had to rebuild my work laptop, my astro laptop and my desktop pc all in 2020, this year can't do one quick enough for me.
  4. Someone at Microsoft HQ is getting paid a packet of $ to create that superfluous nonsense
  5. I have got a dongle with a window boot on it. Last time I had a problem I ran a system restore from boot, easy enough to do and saves a lot of heartache. Just make sure you know your microsoft account password
  6. This programme was on earlier on BBC 4 and I missed it. It dates back to 2018 and is really interesting. Good news is it is still available on BBC Iplayer. Very interesting and well worth watching if you haven't already seen it.
  7. I notice that this scope actually has a 3x barlow and a 25mm eyepiece. I am not sure of the quality of either of these but used together in the scope you have an eyepiece which is effectively 8.33mm, this will give you the x50 I mentioned above and so you should maybe hold off buying anything until you have played around with the eyepieces it comes with and the 3x barlow in combinations.
  8. following on from @Stu regarding exit pupils and magnification, you should also bear in mind that the higher you go in magnification, the more shaky the view will appear and eye placement becomes more difficult. I would certainly recommend getting the scope out as soon as possible and trying it out during the day on distant terrestrial targets to get you all used to this. A 8mm eyepiece would give you x50 magnification which has an exit pupil as referred to by Stu of 1.4mm and a true field of view (TFOV) of the sky of around 1 degree. This assumed the (AFOV) apparent field of view o
  9. My own comment has actually pushed me to enquire again. Last time I did the treatment was cost prohibitive. However I know there have been many advances in the treatment pushing prices down, so I am looking into it again.
  10. I am with Moonshed in that a permanent setup (obvs) would be nice but where I live it isn't practical (or really affordable). I have a great main viewing setup with high end glass but my other glass I use with the mak, frac and P-DS is all fairly mid range stuff but it does the job. However if it was money is no problem option I could see most of it easily replaced with televue Delites and Delos or maybe Nikon Nav SW eyepieces. Oh I might think about eye surgery to remove my astigmatism
  11. Scotland's Galloway has some amazingly dark skies to the south as there is nothing there to spoil it. However that is 6 hours drive from me so not exactly local. Still going there in March for the new moon.
  12. It is progress but as I commented to a friend on FBook, the N/Yorks dark sky is excellent until your eyes adapt. Then to the trained eye you can still see skyglow coming from Manchester through to Bradford and beyond. I was at the ribblehead viaduct so it may be less so (from the south) as you get deeper into the park. However don't be Mr glass half empty, it is indeed good news and worth a mini celebration.
  13. I really like the APM reticle eyepiece, gives me just over 4 degrees through my 80mm finderscope which works really well with a telrad. I know it wasn't the tightest at the outer edges but it's used as a finder, so not a main eyepiece. A lot going for me with this eyepiece along with the good FOV plus lower magnification compared to some IR/EP's there is very decent eye relief. Oh and I didn't actually know about the tuneable recticle but it hasn't actually ever been a problem, haha.
  14. So it is showing on Stellarium. I didn't know that it now updates itself with live data !
  15. Has anybody got a sky map of it that I can relate too please stellarium would be great. EDIT, found it in stellarium (Hip 20947), cheers.
  16. How short please, the images I posted up were 10 seconds each. However there ere only 40, far too few i know but it was just a trial at that length.
  17. These are my favourite results to date. I think moon has slightly got a focus issue but all done with a Wifi GTi mouint, 130P-DS and a ZWO ASI 224MC. I haven't got a lot of data for any of them but happy so far and i think I can go quite a bit better. M82 M57 M31
  18. Agnes, what are you doing, lots of short FITS and stacking? TIA Steve
  19. Is it possible as John mentioned that there is some dust or gas etc that is simply obscuring it rather than it actually shrinking?
  20. Not a chance then, way down the magnitude list
  21. Chris, are the quasars in your image bright enough to observe ? Steve
  22. excellent goran, I will save this to my file along with wim's and put on my dark site to do list. Cheers Steve
  23. Very, very impressed with the image, although your arrow drawings are pretty rubbish Sorry forgive me soh. Do you have references for the quasars? Find this stuff fascinating. I assume the mass we are looking at in the centre is galaxy core?
  24. 3C 273 can be observed visually too and is on my list. It is available from early January if you are dedicated (read slightly mad) enough but March is more reasonable as it is to the right of Virgo. I had bookmarked it to visual but might have a go at imaging.
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