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  1. Weather has kept my use of it down to not a lot to be honest magnus. However the damaged replacement truss arrived and it is perfect. From the limited use it has had the one thing I have noticed is the stars are sharper at the eyepiece. It collimates easy peasy. It is as smooth as anything to operate. The DSC is very accurate, although I have built a levelling platform to aid this. I do not regret spending on it and I added almost all upgrades except the transporting handles. In short, the 14" offers everything I would like at a weight which delivers my need for portability.
  2. A cheaper option to the HEQ5 as long as it is for just visual is the EQM-35 Pro. Just taken receipt of one and I am very impressed with it's quality. It is rated 10kg for visual so well within limits. Sky-Watcher EQM-35 PRO Go-To Modular Astronomy Mount | First Light Optics
  3. Could we not have a small decision tree that takes you to one of several answers with the aim of narrowing down what they want before people come to the forums. I have just done a very quick pen written idea below, this way it can help focus peoples minds on what their own personal objectives are!
  4. I like this a lot, well done.
  5. Hello all. I need to crop some AVI files, made them too long and got more drift than I bargained for as it was unguided. Struggled for ages trying to stack in registax but keep getting a white screen. I am on W10 so looking for something easy to use to simply shorten my AVI and save in original format. Alternatively, a different stack software suite that will compensate for drift. TIA all and merry christmas
  6. There are these classed as a full HD eyepiece camera bresser eyepiece Although to me it is simply the same as any other off the shelf bits of kit; eg zwo 120mm/mc. Although that said, it's a cracking price but i guess it's performance might not be great compared to other options.
  7. Ok regarding the E or W, which am I based in Burnley which is just to the west of london. I assume I should be west. (manual not very helpful for people actually living in GMT zone) I found a site giving location in DMS, thanks for pointer, I didn't read that in the manual either!
  8. I have no doubt I am not the first one to come across this so here goes. Going through the initial set up on handset it asks for various things but when it get to longitude, I am minus 2.15 (-2.15) but there is no way to change the setting to give the minus part. Does the hand set deduce from the time zone put in what these figures should be? Also latitude I am 53.79, it will not accept the 79 part of this coord so won't move onto next section. The best I have got it to accept is 53.59 then it will advance to next part. Anybody else have anything similar to this TIA all
  9. I am in the same camp as vlaiv here, I do not consider myself anything other than a simple astronomer. I get enjoyment from visual and eeva. It depends on the conditions as to what I will choose to do. Moonlight polution makes me want to do eeva or maybe moon with my bv's. I am lucky to have a close to bortle 3 site at 20 minutes drive so it is great for eeva. But on those rare occasions when visual conditions are good then my dob is in the back of the car and I am off to my dark sky site to try to get those dark sky objects protons falling onto my retina.
  10. What about sharpcap with live stacking, I would have thought that counts as eeva or is this more imaging as you are viewing a composite image rather than the actual live image?
  11. Personally I would have said yes EDIT: Given vlaiv's description above.
  12. Thank you @vlaiv, that was very well explained and my own thoughts of it fit into it nicely. Cheers
  13. Were you guiding for this image or not. In fact what were your data capture information if you don't mind me asking. I am having a go on thursday but will be unguided so curious. tia
  14. I know this might seem like a silly question being as I have been playing around at this for a while now. A while in this case defined as about 2 years with a gap in this period. I tried reading the "what is eeva" section again and when I did, I remembered why I didn't bother going beyond the 2nd section at my first attempt as it seemingly turned into quite a lot of complaining and whinging about what is what in eeva. So in the past I have used a 12" dob, 5" sct, 4" frac and currently have a 130 newt and a 224mc and newly acquired 183mc to use. Anyway, has eeva as a branch of
  15. I like this option, seems the morpheus are very popular. I would like to try one out to see if they are as good as the reports suggest. Never noticed the APM 100 series before, have you tried one out @John
  16. What would you buy if starting out again but with a reasonable budget. Think you were buying a 200p dobsonian, probably the best starter scope if reports on here are anything to go by but basic glass provided. Now we know the stock eyepieces are not the best so we often tell people to upgrade with our own ideas or preferences. Often mentioning adding telrad or similar etc but that's another thread. Occasionally we see people offering decent budgets for eyepiece upgrades, up to a grand but to buy a full set of good glass, what would you go for? I will start with my choice.
  17. I don't have any pictures because both are still in the box but I have just taken delivery of a new ZWO ASI 183MC ZWO and a EQM -35 Pro mount. EQM I am slowly getting into EEVA but I have realised my existing stuff is at it's limit, then I got an unexpected cash windfall so Mrs Bomberbaz got her treat, this was mine
  18. As per what john said. I am still using the stock clamps but I have relatively small OTA's on them, a 127 mak being the heaviest. If I were using something like a 200P then maybe a clamp upgrade to something akin to this would be needed. Primaluce Lab PLUS Big Dovetail Clamp for Vixen & Losmandy | First Light Optics
  19. Not sure if that is the right starting point. So often you see people saying they want to do visual at first but will want to go imaging later / attach a dslr or similar. People don't understand that the two branches are quite different although EEVA is now bridging that gap to some extent and so this needs to be clear from the outset.
  20. So I originally planned to go to a good vantage point from the top of Pendle hill, watch out for witches whilst there. It is a local and well known Lancastrian landmark. However my wife is recovering from hospital treatment and so I didn't want to leave her so made do much closer to home. A short drive (2 minutes) took me to a place aside the motorway slip road but with a clear-ish view of the setting planets. I was only use 10x30 bins so the view was not particularly well defined but still impressive when considering distances and such. Anyway it is in the bag but would like to do
  21. I know well what you mean. I was sort of mentally shouting at the TV at one or two parts, the one bit about Jupiter's core especially.
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