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  1. Hi Steve,

    Would you take £70 posted?


    Mark :)

    1. bomberbaz


      Aye go on seeing as your the first, haha.

      Can you pay paypal friends and family?

  2. Hi Bomber Baz, I live just down the road in Accrington and visit Burnley twice a week on my Bicycle.

    Have you considered  trying to get an East Lancs Astronomical Society ( or Burnley and Pendle ) together? Do you think it would be a success, allowing for the cloudy skies we live under?


    1. bomberbaz


      Hiya Merlin. The short answer to your question is no, I wouldn't have the time, patience and/or inclination. I am already affiliated to Todmorden observatory and also with CLaSS. Central Lancashire Stargazers Society.


      I know of at least 4 more astronomers in and around Burnley and have visited a couple but as for starting a group myself, no thanks. Too much hassle.

      Go to the class one on facebook. Great bunch of guys, very friendly and we meet up quite often at various darker viewing sites.

  3. more matt black paint ordered to complete the anti reflection coatings.correct flocking material on its way.even ordered a small paddling pool to clean my 16" mirror in.just a month to now wait before the sky starts getting dark again

    1. bomberbaz


      then have a paddle in it after and you have two for one, simples ;-)

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