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  1. No problems using 240V and extension leads like this provided it's all kept dry. If using a plug in RCD I would suggest testing it and keep an eye on the leads for wear & tear. You shouldn't have any issues with heat build up drawing as these are all very low current devices. I would however be a little gentle with the mains adaptors as these are generally pretty cheaply made and might not like rapid change in temperature or being physically shocked (kicked/tripped over). Not expensive items, but generally a pain to source the right rating/connectors if they do pop.
  2. Hi Pete, Welcome to SGL. Hope you've managed to weather Sandy without incident and that you've some calmer/clearer sky’s ahead this winter. Best Regards - Jake
  3. Hi Groaninjock, I don't envy you the cold, but reckon you'll have some fantastic dark/clear skys on the East Side. Perhaps, if you're good Santa can bring some extra warm socks and long johns Welcome to SGL.
  4. Thanks to all for the welcomes, without doubt the friendliest and least intimidating forum/group I've ever joined and I've used quite a lot over the last 16 years or so!
  5. I will take the mirror cell out again and clean it with some destilled water as John suggested. if I can find any more flakes I'll try and get a decent close up image to post. It does seem a bit mysterious, given the flat irregular/jagged shapes and even colour, peeling paint was my main concern - but the coincidence with Bonfire night/Fireworks looks very plausible. I can't tell you how relieving it was to see these bits flushed off, revealing a nice clean mirror.
  6. I haven't flocked this yet - I brought 3 rolls of DC-Fix courtesy of FLO, did my lad's Astromaster 130, then in a fit of compulsion brought myself another Explorer 200P and HEQ5 Pro mount from Ebay. I'll wait until this arrives and check it's ok, flock and keep the better of the two and then have to sell one. Otherwise no pressies for the kids this X-mas - Ho-Ho-No !
  7. Hi Jeff - interested to here how you get along with this, I'm using identical rig apart from those two important letters "DS", and currently using 2" Meade 4000 56mm and Skywatcher 26mm Super Possl lenses. Quite a large range on price with the 2" Barlows, but having blown most of the free cash keen to get the best possible within a £ 100 budget.
  8. until
    Isle Of Wight Star Party 7th - 11th March 2013 Come and Enjoy Some of the Darkest Skies in the South. Details @ http://www.iowstarparty.org/IOWSP/Home.html
  9. I've just made a dew shield up from cablelay matting, it's a nice matt black medium density neoprene which is nicely stiff at 13mm thick so self supports. I used a self adhesive velcro strip to provide the fixing. Not the most beautiful, but it keeps the dew and stray light out. I've yet to try it in a strong wind, but think it'll suffice in most conditions.
  10. actually dtr42 might be on track, might have been some firework ash/residues - otherwise that volcano in iceland might have belched again!
  11. Unfortunately most the bits on the mirror were flushed straight down the kitchen sink, but the few bits I found in the OTA looked flat, matt black and had jagged edges. They were adhered to the mirror and wouldn't blow off, but came away after a minutes worth of running water. Before being interrupted I was observing near the vertical trying to find andromeda, so could also have been some crud blown of the roof - though I don't recall it being breezy.
  12. Hi Steve, I can vouch for the u/g to the finder - I brought an astromaster 114EQ for my six year old son for some moon spotting, and find the Celestron red dot finder almost useless except in daylight - perhaps it my eyes/age! The star pointer is much more useful, once aligned to the scope - a raised telrad or right angled finder is nicer to use but more expensive, well worth it though in the longer run. If you do take it off, hang on to the old finder just in case you want to sell the scope on at some point. BR - Jake
  13. Any one had an issue with this before - I set up last night and good early views of Jupiter, but sadly cut short by one of the kids waking. By the time she was settled back it had gone midnight and clouding over, but the scope was quite heavily dewed up. I let it all dry out in the conservatory, but on cleaning down this afternoon saw some scary looking black marks all over the primary. Thinking the worst I stripped the mirror cell out to take a close look and this all appears to be black paint flakes (see attached - or there again it won't allow me at the moment, you can try via my public dropbox if interested https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxazp9vffi9vrdr/2012-11-11%2009.52.14.jpg - if not try to remember 101 dalmatians to get the idea). No problems as it all came off under the tap and I managed to get the mirror back in with only very minor drying marks - but can't determine the source of the flakes. I wiped a few out of the tube, but nothing appears to be visibly peeling, the mirror support itself looked possible, but again nothing obvious. Has anyone seen anything similar and is there anything particular to look at, or is it just a normal fact of life? Telescope Skywatcher Explorer 200P, 3 year old last of the blue painted ones.
  14. Skys clear - can I get the scope out without waking the kids?

  15. Hey thanks everyone - now that really is a warm welcome. One or two advantages or living here at the edge of civilisation, but the seeing not quite so great over the last 5-6 weeks. I'm pinning my hopes on getting enough practice and improving the navigation/star hopping enough that I can find my was around for our local star party in March - (http://www.iowstarparty.org/IOWSP/Home.html). Any of you been before or coming for this? Jake
  16. Hi All, I've been using the excellent advice in these forums over the last 8 weeks or so and its been an invaluable resource, particularly for steering me through those all important first purchase decisions. Now decided its time to sign up and take part officially. I have lots to learn, but will try not to ask too many dumb questions along the way. Thanks for all the advice thus far.. BR - Jake
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