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  1. Great project. Would be good to see a pic of fully commissioned observatory.


    Hi Phil, I've moved house now so sadly said good bye to this obs in March of this year and yet to build it's successor!    However, lots more photos in my build thread - http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/192304-snakeyjs-obsy-build-thread


    The yardmaster shed performed quite well as a roll off observatory, but required substantial timber framing to make it solid and support the roof.    It had a few minor leaks and was not easy to seal up to run controlled humidity, but at £450 all in would be very reasonable for this cost.

  2. Nice set of photos - really interesting and would to build and obs at some stage in the future. Luckily I have nice space for one in the garden. 


    It's hugely recommended and makes a massive difference to how often you can get out!   If you have the space a warm room would be an even bigger advantage for any imaging.

  3. thats awsome¬ ! just went through every pic, saying ohh ,,,, ahhh lol id love to have the space to do this


    Cheer's Martin,


    Hope you find the space for one at some point - even a small obs like mine, which is just 6' x 6' and not big enough for a warm room.    An obs is a definite game changer and makes life a whole lot easier and quicker for imaging, that said I really want to get a 12" dob for purely visual in the garden and this can live either in the corner of the obs or conservatory!


    Happy New Year - Jake

  4. Hi Gertichi and thanks - My best so far this opposition in average seeing.   A bit noisy and none to sharp, but out hoping to get much better tonight.   Shot with a QHY5L-II Mono, Baader LRGB CCD filters and SW Explorer 200P at 4600mm focal length (Revelation x5 ED Barlow)

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