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Status Updates posted by SnakeyJ

  1. High pressure and clear - just might have an early morning session on Jupiter tomorrow!

  2. Catching a few wobbly photons on Jupiter

  3. Getting a little more comfortable with the new site

  4. just seen a few stars through a gap in the cloud - brief but beautiful ;)

  5. 7 weeks and still counting

  6. 4 weeks in hospital today

    1. jetstream


      Best wishes to everyone, Gerry

    2. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      hope all goes well

    3. SnakeyJ


      Thanks Pete and Gerry, good progress today ;)

  7. Hoping to test my new ASI224MC tonight :)

  8. Wonderful sky this morning - Hale the King :)

  9. Fine, Clear and Reasonable Seeing Forecast - Time to get everything out :)

  10. Sky now dark, some cloud & have but can see cassiopia ;)

  11. Installing Win10 (on my spare laptop!)

    1. xtreemchaos


      im waiting to see how its doing,using 8.1 at the moment and its working good,let us know how you get on...charl.

    2. SnakeyJ


      Purely an experiment, but now completed the second (clean) install. MS servers running very slowly this pm, but my downloads this morning were very quick.

    3. SnakeyJ


      Ascom 6.1, EQMod and PHD2 installed (not tested) - APT on the way, though may have a problem with the drivers for the EOS!

  12. Waiting up for the lightening!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SnakeyJ


      Bit of a damp squib at this end, though there were a few distant flashes :(

    3. David Smith

      David Smith

      Passed us to the east and west so saw lots of lightening but never really got much thunder. A lot of rain though!

    4. SnakeyJ


      Hopefully we'll catch some of that rain soon - I've just emptied the water butt and the garden is starting to brown off!

  13. Saturn's on the CMOS and the Mozzies are bitings!

  14. One week off the vape/nicotine - no one dead yet ;)

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    2. Gutross


      keep it up

    3. leelee970


      Well done Jake, keep it up. I've stopped smoking for 12 years now. Just need to work on my other vices.

    4. SnakeyJ


      Cheers Lee and Gutross - still on the straight and narrow.

  15. Nothing better than rummaging in someone elses skip ;)

    1. jabeoo1


      One mans rubbish is anothers treasure. :)

    2. SnakeyJ



    3. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      its a bloke thing!

  16. Quick trip up country

    1. alan potts

      alan potts

      You can't really go down can you, take care Jake

    2. SnakeyJ


      Fair point Alan! Nice to be out exploring the mainland, but will be headin

      heading back South and home again soon!

  17. Forecast looking poor through the w/end - might have to do some work ;)

  18. Darned Fog sat on me for last 36 hours :(

    1. Luke


      Crazy fog ambushed my planned solar imaging session! Typical, when there are all those sunspots out!

    2. SnakeyJ


      Me too! Just got the white light filter sorted for my 80M and ready for a first light attempt on AR2321. Still some fog around the coast, but looks to be burning off inland and the forecast looks clear for this evening and tonight, so may still get out :)

  19. Darned Fog sat on me for last 36 hours :(

  20. Back to work tomorrow!

  21. Sky looks nice for a quick run out tonight :)

  22. I've got a Telementor too :)

  23. Sll moved in and Broadband up and running :)

  24. Sll moved in and Broadband up and running :)

  25. Sll moved in and Broadband up and running :)

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