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  1. Wow - who would have thought Upottery would be in the lead for gigabit fibre to the premise, but great result for you!    Out of interest what sort of price are they asking.

    If you are digging the trench and providing the fibre cable between your house and the kerbside connection point, it's probably cheaper to get a pre-terminated cable of long patch lead - but let me know what they are specifying (OS1/2 simplex/duplex, length and type of connectors) I've got lots of bits knocking around the office which you would be most welcome too. 

    Only a little bit envious!

  2. I've only chalked up one myself, but it was a great experience and pleasure to meet so many like minded people.

    Re the BBQ, definitely not at night - but might win friends in the morning with bacon sandwiches provided you are well away from the solar imagers/observers (thinking smoke and ash) - gas grill might be a safer bet.

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