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  1. It's so close to the pivot point and such a relatively small amount relative to the capability of the mount's drive system and the overall mass of the mount that it's unlikely to matter at all.
  2. I had to do the same, though I got nothing as good as your image. What did you use to stack? Deep Sky Stacker seems to miss the comet head in about 20% of the images and loses practically all the colour and Registax 6 ignores my align point on the comet head and just stacks a smear with nice, pin-sharp stars. Best of the night was:
  3. Given that stacking 60 30" (ISO 3200, at f/6) only just resolved the tail last night I very much doubt that anyone would see it visually.
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    Misc images
  5. If you can get next to Grafham Water then I imagine it would definitely help the seeing as the water would stabilize the air and reduce convection problems. The western side of Grafham should be far enough away from St.Neots and Huntingdon to not have a great deal of light pollution from them and there's not much habitation around there from what I remember.
  6. I'm afraid that even as an alumnus of Kimbolton School I can't get them to turn the lights off. ;-)
  7. For those living in the Rushden area, I wonder if the area west of Grafham Water would be a good location, or maybe the edge of the farmland around old Kimbolton airfield. Should be as far from all the local towns as possible I would have thought. Yes, I used to live around there too, after I left Houghton Conquest. :-)
  8. I wonder if Haynes West-End, just south of Wilstead, just west of the A6 might be OK. The green sand ridge should shield you from the worst of Bedford and MK, Ampthill's not very close and there are no big settlements directly south or east. I seem to remember a triangular grass road island which may be usable (as the road is quiet, only having traffic from Houghton Conquest up to "The Four Winds" A6 intersection. This may have changed as I've not been up there for some years and not regularly since I moved out of Houghton Conquest in the early 80s.
  9. Using the handset I've found that the got accuracy is fine for visual work but not for imaging. i.e. it'll get the target within a 26mm eye piece with my 11" Celestron EdgeHD but not necessarily near the centre, and it's not consistent.
  10. Yes. I've not been out a great deal this spring though due to ill health. However, over the last couple of weeks I've powered it up and it's working well.
  11. Simon at the Widescreen Centre is very helpful. I'm sure he'll do everything he can to help.
  12. My Dad bought me one of these a number of years ago for some reason... Although the mount is absolutely rubbish with Hammerite painted "bearings" and a fine adjustment in azimuth about as wobbly as you could get, the mirrors on the scope aren't that bad at all. The scope is also sold in a case by Bresser (with the same mount!). The plastic eye pieces and barlow which come with it are effectively unusable but put a decent eye piece in the barrel and you get a nice, clear, crisp image. The focuser works and doesn't seem to have any slop. The finder scope it a joke... looking along the tube is th
  13. Alignment success. Now down to 4" out in elevation but a massive 5' out in azimuth but no time to get it better. At least I'm getting somewhere.
  14. It's a good thing that I checked before putting the 'scope back on... The next time I started it up it flipped the home position back again!
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