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  1. I got my first ever telescope about 7 months ago. I've not looked back since. So much to understand for us beginners and then think about the top astronomers and physicists... they have so much to find out too. It's really a bottomless pit of learning. One thing that I really got into was some "Introductory Astronomy" lectures from some US university via youtube. Here's the link to lecture one: This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I like it. Paul
  2. HI Rae. I'm a newbie too. Only got my first telescope a few months ago. But I'm very keen and I didn't know about this Moore Winter Marathon. Sounds great. Every day I learn a little more so I'm all for newbies helping each other out. I'm going to go take a look at that website now... Paul.
  3. Thank you all. no doubt I'll have plenty of questions over the coming months
  4. Super. If you send me a private message, that would be great. maybe we can swap email addresses. I checked the type of telescope you have - it looks pretty expensive. I aim to get one like that some day, but I need to aim lower to start with I think But i do want to take some photos like those you have
  5. Hi all. I'm a beginner at all this and only recently got my first telescope (the small Celestron FirstScope). I've become very quickly addicted to astronomy. I live in south central Poland but originally come from the south-west of Scotland, which has the first Dark Sky location in the UK. So I'm going home to check it out :-) I'm already 'outgrowing' my FirstScope and hope to get a new, more powerful scope next year. I would ideally like one that I can do some good astrophotography with as well as observing. Any recommendations? Anyway, nice to be part of this community, I'm certain I learn loads. Paul
  6. Hi Martin. I am based in Poland too (in Kielce). But I come from Scotland. I'm trying to find some other people in this area interested in astronomy but it isn't easy. Excellent photos there! Paul
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