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  1. At first sight it seems, that the formula is not meaningful. However it at all so. The formula has a precise physical sense. That it to comprehend, we shall consider in the beginning widely widespread phenomenon - orbital resonance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_resonance. According to Kepler's third law of the attitude of the periods of planets it is possible to find under the following formula: T2/T1 = SQRT ((R2/R1) ^3) For example, having substituted in formula R1=5,203 (The Jupiter) and R2=9,539 (The Saturn), we shall receive value 2,48 extremely close to 2,5=5/2. My formula
  2. I have discovered a fundamentally new type of relationship of planetary orbits, which can be expressed by the following formula: Ratio = SQRT(((R1+R2)/(2*R1))^3) Substituting in this formula values of orbital radius of the Earth R1=1a.u. (by definition) and R2=0,723 – orbital radius of the Venus, we get 4 / 5 - relations tiny integers. If we substitute values R1=5,203 and R2=0,723 (the Jupiter and the Venus), we get 3 / 7. Substituting values R1=9,539 (the Saturn) and R2=30,06 (the Neptune), we obtain 2.99 , which close to integer - 3. This golden formula works not only for the planets, b
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