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    Ham radio, metal detecting, beer drinking, gardening, more beer drinking, documentary programmes, astronomy, eating good food, reading, oh and before I forget some more beer drinking.... ;)
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    Morecambe, lancashire
  1. And hello from the West End
  2. Same here, I got my new (well second hand) 8 inch celestron on saturday and there hasnt been any clear sky since then. typical eh!
  3. Well best of luck and I hope it turns out to be a good one for you if you win. Cheers Chris
  4. I was gonna go for it but just spent 450 on an 8" celestron with nexstar goto which has cleaned me out. I was going to get the wife to buy it me for crimbo but I figured it was a bit unfair seeing as im not getting her anything...lol
  5. Hi all DMK41AU02 ccd imager going cheap, only one bidder so far, as the seller has put it in the wrong section on ebay. Its only at £60 so far. if i hadnt just spent all my money on a telescope I would have bid myself. Link below cheers chris http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271099529875?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  6. I voted for the coronado pst as you already have an 8" dob which is a pretty god scope, so I figure you may as well get something you havent got yet to increase the satisfaction and enjoyment you get out of the hobby.
  7. Its a composite made up from different photos from different cameras hence the reason you cant see the arm of a camera taking the photo as it was excluded from the composite.
  8. It was at about 12:30 pm this afternoon, lovely clear sky. the camera is smaller than 1.25" as it is from a microscope setup so I partially removed the rubber eye cup from the standard eye piece on the pst and pushed the camera into the hole so it butted up against the eyepiece it held it in place nicely, the juddering is from the wind catching the scope a bit more sensitive as its mounted on a normal camera tripod so not as steady. Cheers Chris
  9. This is my first ever attempt at taking a video of the sun through my coronado pst. i put a polarised filter over the end of the scope off my canon eos so as to dim the image slightly and to capture the video I used. Usb camera from my bresser microscope. I have to say that I am very pleased with the result, much better than I thought it would be.
  10. Thanks for Peter, I will have to get one of those looks easy to use. I havent been yet as I am only just starting up in this hobby, ive got a coronado pst for solar viewing and I am picking up an 8"celestron c8n-gt with nexstar goto mount on saturday for astronomical use. I have two canon eos bodies so can modify one for astro and already have the t-ring stuff for prime focus and eyepiece projection. So as a newbie I could take in any advice / tuition links or whatever as the last time I had a telescope was about 36 years ago and it was a cheapo tasco scope, and the one before that was a kaliedoscope...lol Cheers Chris
  11. Hi When it comes to imaging through a telescope what do you doabout focusing if you wear reading glasses to see things in focus close up? The reason I ask is obviously it is easier to use the telescope without glasses on and focus using the telescope but this then means that when taking a photo the image is out of focus by what ever strength your glasses are. So is there an easy way around the fact that its not as easy to use the telescope with glasses on. PS I have a canon eos 300d which doesnt have live view. Is there an easy way to do it or am I better off just getting a newer camera? Cheers Chris
  12. Sorry got the link wrong, here is the first one being delivered..
  13. Found a photo of the first colimating screw being delivered....
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