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  1. Hey! My name is Edmond, my friends call me Ed or Eddy/Eddie. I'm 13 years old and i live in Sweden. I'm new to astronomy, got into stargazing through my friend. I started a thread in the newcomers forum, need some tips on good scopes=)
  2. Ignore my last reply:P I just want a good scope, not too expensive, doesn't have to be with a motor=) Just so i can view planets, stars and galaxies:D Like the andromeda galax. And, do you know any good astronomy magazines?
  3. EQ? The problem is that i'm not going to buy anything for a long time, i'm only 13, and it's my dads money.. So i get one chance at getting it all, then i'm probably not allowed to buy anything for a long time:P I had to choose between a scope and a motorcycle.
  4. I dont think i need a go-to=) Can you recommend any scopes with motor? beginners, not to expensive=) how are the sky-watchers?
  5. And how about a skywatcher with a motor?will that help me keep the planets in view?
  6. Thanks=) How is the skywatcher 130? or the Dob. I saw many people recommending them ?
  7. Hello, and thanks=) My budget is £200-£350. I don't know what sort of scope he has, he's in egypt right now:/
  8. Hello all! It all started when my friend bought a new scope(he is not a beginner, he has a really good one). Every second after my look through the telescope i've been looking for guides and forums on the internet so i can have my own scope and enjoy the beauty of the sky. Everytime i go out i get this feeling that makes me rush to my friend and look=) Now i wonder if any of you can help me choose the right scope. I dont know Anything about scopes, and im really confused now after i read these forums. There are so many to choose from:P I want to be able to see other planets, stars and some other galaxies and nebulo. =)
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