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  1. Again, like the others, I found this club by accident. It just happened to pop up on a re-tweet on Twitter. So, I went visiting the Athenaeum club at Nowton Park last Thursday, 18/01/2018. I was made very welcome and soon learned that they cover all aspects of astronomy, including unaided night sky viewing, binocular, telescope and astro photography. I shall visit again on Thursday 1st Feb and sign on the dotted line. This beats my lone astro endeavours into a cocked hat. Thanks to club members for their welcome. Kevin
  2. Hi, I'm from Sudbury and I'm thinking of joining a 'hands on' club. I've been to Cavendish and they're great but only support non active meetings and talks. So, I'm torn between Ipswich and North Essex - distance may be a factor but I'm 30 miles away so not too bad. My interest lies with astrophotography and I'm just in the very early stages of learning how to take DSOs. Do you have any taster events planned at the club which may give me an idea? Thanks Kevin
  3. Bosuser

    Good Day!

    Hi Dan, a warm welcome for Suffolk/Essex borders. Enjoy your new scope.
  4. Wow, an image that can give inspiration to others, especially me. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
  5. Thanks A.G - I'll certainly check when I go round to have a look and I'll hook it up to a laptop to check it out.
  6. Thanks Dave, that reassures me. Kevin
  7. Hi, I'm off to have a look at an Atik 383L that someone is selling on Thursday. But I wonder ... is the 383L the same as a 383L plus ? Are there two different models? This camera is about 3 years old so I was wondering if there are any significant changes to the model or whether it is still the same today. Any answers gratefully received. Many thanks in advance. Kevin
  8. Like it - great composition! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. I'm looking to go CCD and images like this convince me its the right way to go - nice image Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. Bosuser

    Just hello

    Never too old to learn - warm welcome to the forum.
  11. Bosuser

    Hello from Cyprus

    Welcome to the site - have fun!
  12. Welcome to the lounge- you should get plenty of good advice here,
  13. Welcome to the forum - you get sound advice here.
  14. Bosuser


    Welcome aboard - I envy those dark skies and cloud-free skies
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