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  1. Thanks George. The link is very useful and I now understand why offset is needed. Geoff
  2. Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a SW 10" Newtonian OTA from Steve at FLO and have consequently been refreshing my memory on collimation. I found the video suggested by Rob extremely useful and informative. On refering to a very old copy of Norton's Star Atlas it stated that the circular outline of the flat itself should not be exactly concentric with the eyepiece tube and mirror circles, but slightly displaced towards the upper end of the tube for perfect collimation. Does anyone know the reason for this and how much difference it makes to the quality of the star image?
  3. Hi everyone, Just to let you know how I've come to join SGL. In the late sixties I bcame interested in astronomy and wanted to have a look through a good telescope. Unfortunately commercial telescopes at that time were well out of my price range (a 3.5" Questar was several thousand pounds) so I decided to build my own as a school project with the blessing and money from the PTA. It was an 8.5" F/8 Newtonian with a parabolised primary better than 1/10th wave in a skeleton tube attached to a mount based on the 200" Palomar design all housed in a 16ft domed observatory. I eventually gained promotion and moved on, my interest being put on hold. Surfing the net recently made me realise how relatively cheap telesopes had become and I invested in a Meade 125ETX. Initially my idea was to take photos using a Canon 400D and quickly realised buying the ETX was a mistake. I then bought a Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED and bought an EQ5 mount from Steve at FLO. When I found out that astrophotography was better with a modded SPC 900 I went to Steve for advice and realised that I really needed to have autoguiding facilities which the EQ5 doesn't have. I know I am on a steep learning curve and have made many mistakes that will cost me dear. Since purchasing the equipment at the end of July there has been nearly 100% cloud cover and I've yet to see the moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn!! Looking forward to exploring SGL where I might find someone else whose made mistakes like me!
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