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  1. I put up a retractable clothes line across the side of my garden and when I'm observing, I hang a pair of old curtains over it. When I'm finished I told the curtains up and retract the line. Takes literally 60 seconds and totally blocks the light from that single pesky street light up the road
  2. My heart stopped for moment there. Paper towels and facial tissues are quite scratchy at the near microscopic level. agreed if these were nagler's, but cheap SW plossl EPs aren't worthy of that sort or care.
  3. I had a similar issue with a bunch of plossl EPs I left in my old leaky caravan once. I took the opportunity to learn how they went together and took them apart (making notes on which order and way round the glass went) and just cleaned them with soapy water in the sink. Dried them with a yellow duster and wiped them with a kitchen paper towel and put them back together. 2 years later they still work fine! Have the coatings been degraded... probably. Do they still work... ABSOLUTELY!
  4. Before I stick it in the for sale ads, does anybody fancy a nice 12" skywatcher dob? Thinking it's time to sell up the big scope and just keep my 130. So specs are: 12" flex tube tracking dob with Hilux coatings to primary and secondary 32mm 2" 72deg SW EP 24mm 2" 80deg explore scientific EP (amazing EP) 2" x1.6 Antares aspheric Barlow Cables to power it from a 12v battery Looking for offers Nick
  5. Was nice to catch up with Sammy this morning and hand over the club scope.
  6. Guys, I'm absolutely chocker this week with a project before I go to Poland Thursday. So if someone could come collect ithe scope from me either tomorrow or Wednesday - drop me a message on here or email me nickclayton0@gmail.com and I'll give you my address to come get it.
  7. I've just had a message through about this Kickstarter and it now lists some specs on the image sensor
  8. I was out last night too - but doing some outreach with the Ossett girl guides group in support of their stargazing badges. Unfortunately being in the centre of Ossett meant there was a lot of light pollution, but gave it a go anyway. Took the club refractor on its eq mount and what a pain in the backside that was! With the tripod legs on its highest setting, when viewing andromeda you were kneeling down! It was roughly polar aligned, but still a complete and utter [very rude word removed] to track andromeda and with the eyepiece in the position it was, it was regularly being
  9. Bit a dob will fit depending on the design and take up less space than an eq6. Just offering alternatives
  10. Agree with Geoff, Why bother with an eq mount if it's visual only? I can't think of any more of a waste of time setting up an eq if you aren't taking pictures! And I'm sorry to the frac guys - but I don't care how much it costs, a quality 12" dob, coma corrector and some mega eye pieces will outclass any frac visually. And if you want super sharp, stop your 12" f5 down to a 8" and get an 8" f7.5 dob for them tricky doubles. Plus you get a light bucket for dsos whenever you fancy something different. Have to admit, I have always had a hankering for a 9.25 or a cpc1100
  11. Also had a nice session out last night, did a big tour round Andromeda and Cassiopeia and over towards Lyra and everything south. I'm lucky and have a good low horizon to the south a d enjoyed myself immensely. You just can't beat the wild duck cluster. By far the prettiest cluster there is. Nice to catch a glimpse of the veil neb too using my O3 filter, which also really makes things like the dumbbell pop out. Well worth shelling out for. Also, still got the club's 5" frac at my house if anyone wants it. Absolutely no intention of using it myself - stupid eq mount and nowhere
  12. Only I could go to Nigeria (,Lagos) on a business trip, knowing my hotel has a sea view pointing directly south over the Atlantic and pack my 70mm frac, bins and camera for some epic views of the centre of our galaxy.........only to find it's the "cloudy season" here. Honestly,it's like frikkin Manchester!!!!!! Wall to wall cloud
  13. I actually got some observing done! Ok the stupid mood is up and I am in my dressing gown, but I got a quality 20 minutes with my bins! Andromeda was lovely and so was Saturn. Bagged Ursula's fave, the cost hanger, and just had a browse about. Good news is when the moon shifts and we have a clear night (hope!), I'll get a pretty good view of Sagittarius!!!! Then the 12 can come out to play and I might finally get some new messier objects!
  14. Cracking day at the horbury show today! Lots of very interested people out there and a large number who have scopes but a) don't know how to use them need help to make them work And therefore don't use them. As a society we need to come up with ways to reach these people and get them included / practical help and we'll grow as a society and get more people involved in our shared love of this hobby. However I was very disappointed in the society turnout. Many thanks to those that did help out - it would have been a one Vicki band all day otherwise. I know I couldn't s
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