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  1. I recently bought a USB Camera adapter but cant get it to focus I have used it on 3 different web cams and still cant focus Am I doing something wrong? or would it be better buying a ready made camera if so what would you recomend my budget for this would be around £45 or a little more.
  2. I have been looking at a Skywatcher 200p on a Dobsonian mount. Can anyone advice me if this is a resonable telescope on a budget of around £350. I am interested in viewing the moon and planets and also Nebula if possible.
  3. Hi guys we have a bog standard Barlow that costs around £15 I understand a good quality Barlow can vastly improve the image if this is so what make of barlow lens would be good for around £40/£50 mark.
  4. Had some good views of juiter tonight with 4 moons brill.
  5. just been looking through members scopes I dare not get my tiddy little thing out now I have seen those woppers Ha Ha.
  6. This is my very first pic of the moon taken with a mobile phone up to the eyepiece.
  7. Beeford Mick


    Thanks for all the welcomes I look forward to the clear skys and what I am sure is a Brilliant Forum. So nice for a complete novice to be welcomed.
  8. Thanks, that's helpfull. Learning all the time. I hope it will be clear tonight.
  9. Hi Guys. With my telescope I got a 2x Barlow and a 1.5 erecting eyepiece, I understand the workings of the Barlow but not sure what the erecting eyepiece is for. Does it work on the same principal as the Barlow ????
  10. Hi can anyone give me advice on what eyepiece or equipment I would need to safely view the sun. Thanks.
  11. Just a little thing to add guys i am still trying to get used to the forun and how to get arround forgive me if I miss anything.
  12. WOW had my first view of the Moon. Still very cloudy out side but we got a little gap and even though a bit of cloud was still over the moon, my son and I got a few mins view. Used a 25mm eyepiece and 900mm fl If it was that good with cloud cant wait till we get clear night. I think i will complain to the council Ha Ha.
  13. I have had my telescope for a week now but the weather has been poor how do I get good weather?????????
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