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  1. A length of 3" class D or E or class 7 (thicker) if pvc tube should well encompass the diameter of a 65mm lens. Just keep it out of the sun or any direct source of heat or it will warp.I think Aluminium as suggested is the best route to take on such a small but intricate scope. And with the machining facilities available the most viable option.
  2. Hi, I`ve recently built a scope with an 8" mirror and used 10" pvc vent tube but its very brittle in cold weather so you have to be careful whilst handling. I`ve been told that carpet roll tube is good and comes in various diameters. You just have to paint it to make it weatherproof.Well there`s a start I suppose.
  3. Where are you based my friend? Do you mean machine bolts? And what size?
  4. Has anyone had hotspots forming on an undermirror dew heater?
  5. Mike/ Skybadger, many thanks. I didn`t realise that windscreen wiper motors were that powerful so obviously vibration would be an issue there. Also gearing. The idea of stepper motors has crossed my mind but I just did not consider them poweful enough. I`ll lighten the load on the mount I think by holesawing and reducing the weight without compromising the integrity of the structure but I`ll leave the base as it is for the moment and with the addition of bearings rather than teflon bushes I`ll get less rotational friction. Do you know of a company that could supply steppers? Ed/NGC 1502 Had
  6. If any DIY geeks out there have fitted motors to a Dobsonian mount I would be most greatful for any advice on how you geniuses did it. I`d thought about purchasing a couple of windscreen wiper motors from a scrapyard and gearing them down further to acquire the required speed of travel on the base. I have to stress that every piece of my scope is handbuilt so anything can be customised. I can control motors fairly easily via electronic gadgetry. My quandry at present is the transmission of the power to the said base for rotation and to the pivotal point of the vertical axis. I`m not that conce
  7. You guys are really on the ball. I didn`t expect such a response so quickly. Cheers Gina,Ed and Mike. I have work to do. Talk soon. Rgs Steve.
  8. Thanks for that Ed. I`ll take a look.. Steve.
  9. I really don`t know Gina but I`d have thought that a 2 inch secondary in a 8 inch newtonian would really restrict the incoming light! Thats why I suggested 1 inch. I can`t find any info on line. As you can guess I`m no expert either!! Regards, Steve.
  10. Hi, I`m building my 1st telescope on a Dob mount and using a10 inch tube all from PVC as I`m a plastic fabricator so material is not an issue. It`s housing an 8 1/2 mirror dia (weird size) or is that classed as 8 inch? Just setting up its focal length tonight. Should be an F8. About 66 inches. Can anyone advise me as to the size of secondary mirror to use? 1 inch? Also spider for it and where I can obtain these items. Advice on where to get the mirror silvered would be appreciated. Suppliers link would be real good. Any ideas on size of optics to use would be great. The greater the lens size t
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