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  1. seems clear around here (cheshire) but patchy cloud means would be a PITA to find, cant see anything with the naked eye and not yet got used to the scope to star hop proficiently. oh, and beer probably doesnt help
  2. went to it today, more by chance. 1st time properly out and was looking at Jupiter and wondered what the fuzzy thing to the right of it is, and was amazed with just how bright it all was when focused on. only using the kit 10mm and 20mm but was quite happy with it
  3. i have just checked the finder and it was substantially out, so have aligned it now to the chimney of the furthest point i can see (a couple of streets!) but seems to be better now in that the finder will get the object in the lens and only minor tweeking gets it central. probably why when i was pointing on the weekend it was hopeless!
  4. Bought on friday and read about setting up GEM mounts/etc, and seem to have got used to balancing it and suchlike. I was out last night, but it was partially cloudy and probably not the best way to start! anyhow, a few questions : 1 - Is there a bag that people use to store/transport the kit, i cant find anything anywhere about them. 2 - I did get a bit of a clear sky, but had issues with using the built in finder, seemed really difficult, is the kit one suitable or are there any better ones that others use? 3 - i was using the kit lens, and i have the Celestron AstroMaster Accessory Kit on its way. does anyone have any tips on viewing with the setup? what i saw was quite faint so likely was just not a good night to be out 4 - glasses, do you need to use them whilst viewing or can you use the lens focus by itself? thanks
  5. After much deliberation i have decided to go for the Helios Quantum 4 15x70 bins and a suitable monopod and head.. not what was originally decided, however is far more portable than the scope and quicker to use... just ordered from FLO so hopefully should arrive before christmas!
  6. As title, what is the generally preferred method to steady big binoculars (is 15*70) when you are out and about? both i can see have advantages, but the monopod probably easier/quicker for scanning but the tripod for stability and ease when you need to step away from it. Someone has mentioned the 7dayshop monopod (about £10 IIRC) and then add a ball type head (pistol grip??) so it has easy movement but will be solid when it needs to be. thanks all
  7. thanks all. As an aside, it also comes with a http://www.celestron.com/astronomy/celestron-astromaster-accessory-kit.html but reading around this is not really worth buying as you can buy better elsewhere by getting what you need. And a quick one regarding FLO, what is the support like remote as i am nowhere near so would be postal. My nearest did offer the SLT at £350, so somewhere to drive to if needed especially as adding £10-20 postage from FLO would take it to the same price. still got a few weeks to decide though and with costco, if it goes wrong and i get a refund, can just buy from elsewhere, or from the local place for £350 http://www.telescopesandbinoculars.co.uk/ or FLO as a LOT of people recommend...
  8. hi all, looking at possibly a Celestron 130slt, and Costco have them at a considerable discount compared to what the 'usual' suppliers can offer. Now i asked one retailer and they said that it wont have any usable UK warranty (the uk distributor will be of no help if anything happens so will need to send it back to the US), it may have a 1" eyepiece, whereas this is usually larger for uk scopes (1.25") and if there are any issues, then there will be no aftersales help and from previous costco telescopes, they can be troublesome and not have the proper uk import details (ie grey import) Now for a price difference of at least £50 (and the scope has a £60 celestron accessory pack included) it is a tempting offer, especially as Costco has a good returns policy when bought instore, so what can go wrong? so with the SLT, are there any known common 'problem' areas that occur ? thanks
  9. kind of a cross post, but i have been suggested a 200p is a good starter scope, but the only place i have would be the cellar for storing a large scope as the spare bedroom has no space, and dont think the wife would let me keep it in the living room ! But the cellar can get air-damp sometimes (ie cardboard gets soft, but no actual wetness) depending on the weather as there isn't much good airflow and some untreated wood (ie MDF) can get mould on it where it is dark and covered, pretty average for a 120+ year old terrace cellar from all accounts (and some are actually wet). So the question is, where do you keep yours? have you ever stored one somewhere and found it damaged due to damp/water?
  10. Bah, cant edit. storage space is an issue, but that is another thread.. Unless i get some good binoculars 'for the car' in the future for travelling with, the 200 could be for home use....
  11. would most likely keep them in individual bags, as apart from the cellar there isnt anywhere to keep a 200p, and likewise when away it will constantly be moved from the car to the caravan, then back to the car. Will try to get to the place in stockport on saturday and see what it is like, if i had space in the back then i would have a small shed and a 200p in it
  12. Thanks all.. and Nigel, a stones throw from the Mersey...
  13. I think a visit to the shops may be needed, not to buy, but to see the size! the 200p looks to be a bit too large TBH for my intended use, also i live in a terrace so not much space to store something that (from the pictures) looks massive! Also as said i want to use it when out an about, and it seem to be too large, so something with a tripod that wont take the entire back seat would be better
  14. thanks all, i am assuming this is what you are talking about http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-200p-dobsonian.html
  15. Well, it's not raining! looking to buy my 1st scope (or bins, not sure yet!) and just trawling around the forums to find information and also to find one that is based more for the UK, as a lot seem to be US/Oz based! Glyn
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