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  1. Anyone got any experience of using a Zwo Asi174mc they would care to share ? Thinking of buying one for a bit of EAA/VA and beginners imaging and anything else it might do. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone have any experience of using a ZWO Asi174mc for Va/Eaa or any other uses that they would care to share with me?
  3. There are some useful tools available for free on the FLO website https://astronomy.tools/ specifically “CCD calculators” and “CCD suitability “ where you can input your existing equipment and add new equipment you are thinking of buying to see what you would get from the different combinations.
  4. I just line up the front tripod leg with polaris by eye and use a built in level bubble then use azimuth adjusters to align the head more accurately and get perfectly usable alignment for visual use
  5. Hello and a very warm welcome to the universe from Somerset!
  6. Have just found a small hole in the focuser body where a tiny grub screw should be like on the other side! I believe this explains my floppy focuser problem but what to do about it?
  7. Can anyone help? My Baader 2" SCT Crayford has gone floppy! What I mean is the focusing knobs and spindle seem to have lost contact with the focusing tube and spin freely while the movable focus tube wobbles around disconnected! Any ideas? Thanks on advance, Pete AKA Budfalo Bill.
  8. Got to use my new Steeltrack focuser and Hyperion zoom and took a look at the moon and the Orion nebula tonight ! WOW!!

  9. Got to use my new Steeltrack focuser and Hyperion zoom and took a look at the moon and the Orion nebula tonight ! WOW!!

  10. Buffalo Bill


    Hi there, hopefully this weather will break soon and we can all get outside!
  11. Hello and welcome to SGL. I too am a new member and am already very pleased I joined, everyone has been most helpful, I hope you too will feel the same.
  12. Reading "The New Cosmic Onion" tonight.

    1. WaveSoarer


      I was lucky enough to meet Frank Close and he's a great scientist and communicator. I'll be getting a copy of this book too and thanks for the heads up.

    2. shinok


      Great book, the man is a legend!!

  13. Nice piece of kit, nearly bought one myself but eventually opted for a C8-SGT as I read Meade were having quality control issues, but who knows? Anyways went for EQ mounted goto C8XLT in the end. Enjoy your new acquisition when the skies clear!!
  14. Does anyone have any pictures of a Baader steeltrack SCT fitted to the OTA with a star diag and a Hyperion zoom? Might sound like a daft question but I would like to see this combination if anyone has it along with any opinions and info as to wether it is a practical option.
  15. I saw the moon tonight......while I was driving!

  16. My mind is......cloudy.

  17. Missed it, but hopefully will be able to find it on "t`internet".
  18. Many thanks to you all for your warm welcome to the community,I`m just getting to know how things work round here so apologies if I post in the wrong places to start with. In answer to your querry JamesF I live on the Wellington side of Taunton.
  19. Hi everyone, I am a complete novice to telescopes but have been gazing at the stars for decades and have a basic familiarity with the night sky. I live in Somerset on the outskirts of town and get some reasonably clear skies ( NOT LATELY !!) without much sodium light pollution. I have recently fulfilled my childhood dream of owning an astronomical telescope and after many months of research, including using the excellent reviews on SGL, I took the plunge and bought a brand new Celestron C8-SGT XLT GOTO. I have spent many hours ploughing through the manual and playing around with it in my living room to get to know it, but have only gone outside with it briefly on a couple of occassions due the meteorological conditions conspiring against me since my purchase. I seem to have the same effect on the weather if I don sunglasses and shorts, so apologies to all for messing up the skies !! I am thinking of upgrading with a Baader Steeltrack focuser, a 2" diagonal(any suggestions welcome) and a Baader Hyperion Zoom MK.III eyepiece and was wondering if anyone thinks this would be a good combination with a C8, any thoughts welcome. Thanks in advance BB.
  20. Hello and thanks for a very interesting review of the Mk.III. I have been thinking of buying this eyepiece and the associated 2.25 Barlow to attach to my new Celestron C8-SGT via a Baader Steeltrack focuser (as yet unpurchased! ) and was wondering if this sounds like a good combination, any comments on this? Currently I only have a 25mm Plossl and a 1.25" diagonal so anything is going to be an improvement !! I was also wondering if I should think about getting a 2" diagonal due to the weight of the eyepiece. Any comments gratefully recieved.
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