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  1. Jem7

    John Young

    Sad news indeed, but what an incredible life he lived. RIP
  2. Tricky conditions for me so far, mist cloud and bright moon. Looking forward to hopefully catching a glimpse in the coming week or so
  3. Many thanks Steve, looking forward to hopefully catching a glimpse of Comet Lovejoy in the next couple of weeks, I have been unsuccessful so far. Mist cloud, then cloud and mist, then when it clears a bright moon! Fingers crossed. Happy new year to you.
  4. 500 million mile remote control......freaking awesome
  5. think they are taking a lunch break, back at 1.00pm they said
  6. I went out with my 10x50's for a short time this evening and took in M31 as a starting point, I am lucky enough to have dark skies here, but its already been said, the moon is bright tonight and the view was really quite poor It does get better with less moonlight. I have no problem viewing M31 with 10x50's and on moonless nights its an easy naked eye object.
  7. Thank you Robin and ronin, thats very helpful and more information than I managed to find.
  8. Hello all, I am trying to set up my ocular views in Stellarium for my Meade ETX70. I have 3 standard Meade MA eyepieces 25mm, 12mm and 4mm Stellarium has accepted those eyepieces and calculated the magnification for each one correctly. However, it also needs the aFOV for each eyepiece. Could someone please be kind enough to point me in the right direction to find this information or explain how to calculate it. Many thanks
  9. Very lucky here, can see them down to about mag 6. Blessed with dark skies, sadly there covered in a blanket of cloud for most of the time. But it takes at least an hour for my eyes to adapt in order to see them at that magnitude.
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