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  1. looks awesome man.. really good
  2. Ebay is always good for little bits and bobs...... and cheap
  3. welcome dude Im from Aberdeen, nice scope, im just waiting on my new skywatcher explorer 200p should be here tomorrow..... hopefully so if your up for meeting pinty send me a message P.s and if we dont end up to merry can do some observing ha ha
  4. HI have you got tracking on your scope
  5. shinok


    nice scopes and welcome
  6. how's it going gentlemen?? i was wandering if one of you's (or Both ) could give me some advice on a decent spectroscope, Merlin i noticed you have the Spectra-L200, i have tried to check a price for this but cant find one anywhere so im guessing it cost a pretty penny, do you know where i could get a quote for one?? any advice on any other models or advice of any kind? it really is an immensely interesting field of studdy and im pretty desperate to get started Thanks guys
  7. ha ha fully understandable, bed WARM, outside cold
  8. Im headed there in feb.. havent been before but sure the whole site is totally stunning, have fun dude
  9. shinok

    Hello all

    welcome buddy what scope you packing??
  10. shinok

    Hello all

    welcome buddy what scope you packing??
  11. Anybody from aberdeen Interested in doing some observing???

  12. Just the other week i was blown away when i found out that they discovered the largest Super Massive Black Hole (ULASJ1234+0907) with 10 billion times the mass of our sun, now they have just discovered one at 17 billion times the mass of our sun residing at the center of NGC1277. A normal (If there is such a thing ) only usualy has about 0.1% the mass of it's host galaxy, this bad boy has a staggering 14%, Trully Awesome and completely mind boggling, what are peoples veiws on how this came to be??????
  13. eh!! i didnt right the word rubbish, must not be allowed to use the word i put ha ha no fun
  14. it's a big mistake it'll completely destroy the experience of anybody that looks through it, i would rather Rubbish in my hands and clap :)
  15. ha ha tidy!!! i just got a pair not long ago, one word..... Awesome!
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