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  1. I'm one of those militant people who would like to blow up every street light in the country. In this respect, I'd like to be more North Korea (but that's as far as it goes!). I really don't see the point in lighting up roads for cars and lorries and buses that already have lights on them. But hey - that's me. However, there is certainly a place for some lights. Having a light on a PIR like Jase_V2 is acceptable in my opinion. A light that switches on when you need it to stop you tripping over something as you walk around your property at night is good. All it needs to do is just light up the immediate area and use as little power as possible - just enough to see, really. Once you've walked on, the light should switch off. Now, if street lights could do that - just illuminate sections of the road as *pedestrians* walk by with a small amount of light to be able to just about see - then that'll be great, and save billions I'm sure. With all that in mind, I do think that simple request to either switch the lamp off or point it downwards would go a long way. We're all naturally social animals, and there's no harm in knocking on the door, asking whether they dont mind doing something about their lamp and explaining why. I would also send them a little gift if they do it - perhaps a bottle of wine or something just to keep them happy. After all it is they that are doing a favour for you! An anonymous letter would just put their back up and certainly if I got one it would go in the bin and I wouldn't do what the letter asked - its the principle of the thing! MrP.
  2. Excellent picture well done! I would say his non monoculed eye should be squinting. Wish I could draw like that. I can just about manage to write my name! Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. Oh! Simple as that! Thanks. I need a camera now. Don't tell the wife. MrP.
  4. I've had my 200p for over a year now, and never figured out what this screw is for. Its on the O-Rings holding the place the scope, and has a large round "nut" with a serated edge rather than hexagonal. What accessory could I buy without my wife finding out that I didn't know I needed until someone tells me what accessory could fit on this screw?
  5. I think I need a new book of big boys astronomical facts.
  6. According to my big book of boys astronomical facts, it won't get astronomically dark until 31st July, and even then you only get some 20 mins at 1am... Astronomically dark is when the sun is more than 12 degrees below the horizon.
  7. When you do decide on the scope (and my advice is to save up and go for a 200p, which I love! - They are about £400), I would say that the quality of the eyepiece is important here too. I've just bought a nice 5mm Celestron X-Cel LX which gives a 200x magnification. Compare this with the 10mm eyepiece that came with the scope, barlowed (which gives the same magnification), and there's no contest. The Celestron is just so CLEAR...! I was in awe looking at Saturn the other night when I looked at it with the Celestron for the first time! I could see the Cassini Division with ease, and even the shadow of the planet on the rings at the back. With the ones supplied, I get a grainy image. They're not that bad either pricewise - about £70 from FLO, so perhaps get one every two-three months or so as funds dictate. Just my thought really. When you do upgrade, think about the EPs too.
  8. Isn't Sheffield supposed to be one of the first cities with all led lighting? I suppose the effect on night glow could be seen when that's complete.
  9. And there were suggestions in the review comments about adding an SLR to it!
  10. Well done Rowan - it's great finding a spot you feel safe in and can see darkish skies from. I didn't know about these millennium greens, but a quick search on the wiki you gave didn't yield a list of where these greens are. I'll do a bit more digging and put a list here. Sounds good! MrP.
  11. It is a personal matter. For me Chris doesn't seem natural in front of the camera. Its a bit like Ant and Dec. Ant (the one on the left) seems less natural on tv than Dec (on the right). But I'm sure he's a nice guy and all that. Perhaps they shouldn't make him the main presenter? But he's doing an ok job. I'm certainly not turning off the telly when he's on, unlike Ant and Dec! As for the first point, I agree 98%. They should strip it back to a core team, and to be fair I think they are trying to do that. However, having a female presenter is vitally important to act as a good role model / represent female interests. There aren't enough female scientists in the world, imho! Lucie Green is an excellent addition to the team.
  12. Little bit misleading that - the overall increase in crime is the same for both areas. The topmost graph shows an increase in March 2013 from something like 390 to about 420, or 30 more crimes. The increase in crime in the second graph shows an increase from 30 to 60: about the same.
  13. With the orange sodium lights, you can filter them out (almost) with a good filter. Now LEDs are coming in, you can't filter out those streetlights without dimming the object you're looking at. I suppose the upside of this is that being directional, the light glow you get from cities and towns will be reduced. Provided you're far enough away from a street lamp, things should be better... (...should...!)
  14. I think the show is trying to move on. This month's episode at Herstmonceaux Observatory was good in that it showed us some great looking observatories. Being out and about is a good thing, I think. Rather than having a dedicated home, even if it is a studio, may reduce the appeal. I do miss the interviews with professional astronomers about various projects that are going on. Just sat around in The Farthings with SPM and a load of experts was quite good. The pace of the show was always quite slow, and I like that. I hope they don't up the pace any more. Just my twopenneth really. Seems that most still continue to like the show, so somebody somewhere is doing something good!
  15. Just wondering what people think of the Sky at Night programme now that Sir Patrick has passed away. There's been some two or three episodes since. For me, it doesn't have the same "cosiness" of the later episodes with Sir Patrick, although I think its still very informative. I thought the tug of war bit in the last episode was confusing to say the least... Its great that they still centre on one topic, and get amateur astronomers involved. Lucie Green is excellent, I think. But there's something about Chris Lintott I don't quite like - but that's nothing new.
  16. This is great. Street lights are all about crime prevention (and not tripping up over anything of course!), so it's interesting that crime goes down (but as a direct effect of switching off street lamps?). I had heard it was something to do with the fact that Bob Burglar has to use a torch to help him to see what he's doing when he breaks in. People see the torch shining around and it's that that raises the alarm! Street lights therefore help burglars! In my opinion, street lights are very useful - when needed. There are very much needed at 4pm in the winter when kids are walking home, and everyone is trying to get home to watch Pointless on BBC1. However, at 1am its probably less useful, in fact wasteful. Also, I don't think that street lights are needed on motorways. Cars have headlamps, so they can be used? However, perhaps they are needed at junctions for safety... I think the current stance of keeping them on all night, in every conceivable place is not only wrong, but wasteful. However there seems to be very little appetite in parliament to do anything about it, and it's therefore down to individual councils to decree some stance on the issue. It therefore becomes a postcode lottery as to whether you can get dark (-ish) skies at the early hours of the morning. /rant.
  17. Could it have been an Iridium Flare?
  18. I think I may end up filing down the edges and making it fit!
  19. The item has now been removed as it is "no longer available". I make no comment on the fact the person selling it is from Birkenhead.
  20. Hi chaps, I'm spending an extraordinary time on this, searching the internet and visiting shops to no avail. I'm trying to find a replacement pedestal for my red dot finder. I accidentally bought the wrong one, and I just need the pedestal, not the whole thing. The red dot finder I have looks like this: http://www.365astronomy.com/red-dot-finder-finderscope-full-plastic-p-1690.html ...but I need to fit it into the shoe on my scope which looks like this: http://www.365astronomy.com/skywatcher-shoe-for-finderscope-bracket-p-2451.html Is there somewhere I can get just the pedestal, or even an adapter? Thanks. MrP.
  21. Hi Wolfgangwand - welcome! If you're interested, a fledgling astronomy society called CLaSS, or Central Lancashire Stargazing Society, has started up over the last few months. We have a Facebook page where the call for meetings gets put up quite often when the weather is right. There are over 60 members of the Facebook page, although probably only about 10 members go out on a regular basis. Look up CLaSS on Facebook and request membership. :-D
  22. A duck's quack does echo, just like any other noise. Sorry. Wrong forum.
  23. Or if you want to have the scope now, but not pay for it (or put £200 down as a deposit), then Wex Photography do a Buy Now Pay in 6 Months thing. http://www.wexphotographic.com/?/aboutus/finance.html The scope is there at £420. http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-sky-watcher-explorer-200-eq-5-newtonian-reflector-telescope/p10561 I like the fact it says it is an "f/1000" scope!
  24. My twopenneth's worth, which is different from the rest! If I were you, I would just wait. The 200p EQ5 is great (I have one), and I bought it because eventually I want to try photography on it, so I need something that tracks. I've not tried photography yet, but I must say that the ease of tracking something while you're looking through it makes it worthwhile. For example, if you look away from, say Saturn for a bit, then just a quick turn of the RA knob gets you back on track no matter how long you leave it (obviously errors do creep in the longer you wait!). By the way, I don't ever align my EQ5 to polaris. I just generally point the North leg in a rough northerly position and I'm good to go. Of course, this all changes when I go to photography. In the end, if the 200P EQ5 is something you want, and you're not wanting to go down the cheaper Dob route, then just wait until you have the funds / new girlfriend. After all, you have to be staying out quite late now to see anything, so why not save up the pennies and get one say in October when the night skies are getting better? Just a thought! :-D
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