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  1. RDF being the two dots and the red light that shines to make it visible?
  2. Well, I have to hand it to you. You were right. I just got my 5" today and it was supposed to be partly cloudy 20% chance of rain. The box shows up at my house, it starts raining and is still cloudy. I live in the US. Yes...it works over here too. I got the Celestron Astromaster 130eq-md. I looked at the eye pieces and they were HUGE! So I brought up the ones for my 2.4" and made the discovery that the ones I owned before were not 1.25s. If I thought the ones I owned were awesome these are epic. I am looking forward to the great new view. Looks like clear skies next week. Now I have to find out how/why you have to align the mirrors and how to use the north star (German eq mount).... Hoping for clear skies -Rand0m
  3. That picture really shows how much dark skies can help...
  4. I'm buying the Celestron astromaster 130eq and it will be here on Monday. Dont feel bad, his purposes are differnt from yours. If you get one too big you cant move it. Also smaller ones take less time to warm up.
  5. My new telescope will arrive on Monday!

  6. Is that the Astromaster 130eq behind you?
  7. Awsome picture. Can I see that through my 5" telescope?
  8. I just purchased the Celestron Astromaster 130 eq-md and the Celestron Eyepiece Kit. It is a "huge" step up from my 2.4" refractor. My only question is what to do in the meantime. Do you know any good astronomy websites that I can get info from? Also, what should I look at when I get it? I live in the eastern US and don’t have the "darkest skies" but I could find a site nearby if needed. Thanks. Clear Skies -Rand0m
  9. Wow, thanks for the feed back. I love this site. After a while I got comfortable with its setup. You'll be seeing me alot Clear Skies!
  10. So I was reading a book called "A guide to Backyard Astronomy" and they were talking about what kind of things to view from your location. They mentioned that we can’t see Magellanic Clouds from the northern hemisphere (I live in the US). Is that true? Also, where would I be able to view them? Secondly going to the book part, which astronomy books do you find most helpful to the begginer astronomer trying to find his /her way around the sky? I just though one question for a thread, being that the question isnt that in depth, would be wasteful. Thanks! Clear Skies -Rand0m
  11. Randomness5678


    Thats a really nice photo. I'm getting a 5" reflector in a few days. What telescope did you use? Also you said you used a LPR filiter. How is it working for you/do you live near a city that you need it?
  12. Hello SGL! I'm new. I would love to hear from you all.

  13. Hello SGL! I'm Random, new to the forums here. I am currently getting a better telescope (2.4 inch to a 5” upgrade) One thing you need to know about me is that I love to learn all I can about astronomy! I’ve been on "astronomyforum.net" and am not pleased with them at ALL (I hope that its ok for me to post a website like that if it’s not allowed please let me know) Anyways I hope to have a great time here and look forward to chatting with you all. Clear Skies -Rand0m
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