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  1. Thanks Riemann. All of the build materials were scrounged out of skips. The frame was from a built in wardrobe, inner cladding from old pallets, and thw outer cladding old fence panels. The materials for the construction of the pier was scrounge also, from a bulding site.
  2. 2011 My 1st scope/setup. Skywatcher Startravel 102 on a Manfrotto 055 pro tripod. 2016 my latest scope/setup Moonraker Dark Matter ED80 NEQ6 pier mounted, complete with a Rolloff Mini-Shed (photo taken prior to the outer cladding being applied) from this. To this.
  3. Many thanks Matt, Superb topic and a great job you have done. I made one so that i can use my NEQ6 to power my DSLR So i incorporated jack plugs and sockets and because i was using my mount to provided the power i omitted the rocker switch. Also instead of stripping a battery i used a dummy battery pack that comes with a mains psu that is used to power a dslr.
  4. I know that this topic is old but... Thanks for creating the guide Matt. Did the diy psu work ok with out causing any problems with your dslr?
  5. Ps.. also would the Astronomik L UV/IR EOS Clip In Filter be suitable?
  6. Thanks Carole, I have a refractor ed80, a 150pds and only the one dslr. so would i be able to use a 2" IR/UV filter?
  7. many thanks for your replies is it recommended to have the Baader replacement filter fitted?
  8. very impressive images Matt. I notice that they don't appear to be suffering from star bloat as is supposed to happen without the ir filter?
  9. Matt Jenko and Carastro i am getting my DSLR 450 modded to use with my ED80 and i was wondering do you use any type of IR filter when capturing those images?
  10. £999 and no polar scope??? how much is it for this optional extra?
  11. Two Years on... ... I have the same problem and have looked everywhere for a wiring diagram. I am also in need of a EQ6 handset cable to mount and i am going to make my own cable so i just want to be certain that i understand the diagram correctly. The male 9pin connector am i correct that the view is of the pins cable soldered side and the RJ45 is the view looking at it head on and cable coming in from behind? Sorry about the daft question i just do not fancy blowing my board. cheers!
  12. Great thread full of some really useful info. As I am just starting out in AP this is superb. thanks guys.
  13. I do and I still use it, though now my eq5 has synscan
  14. Hi, I would like to add that I have Dual Axis Drives modded with a ST-4 port on my EQ5 mount and the beauty about the SW Synguider is thst it is fully compatable with the Shoestring ST-45 Mod
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