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  1. Oooh do ya, I have dealings with guys at Wylfa sometimes We've had really bad freezing fog here over the last few days but it seems to have cleared a little tonight. Need to get myself a reclining chair and a sleeping bag.
  2. Damn, I'm sad I missed this, I've been looking at these
  3. It's clear here fortunately but c-c-c-c-c-c-coooold!!!! just been staring at 3 moons lined up at 1 o'clock past Jupiter
  4. I just watched this, this afternoon. love Horizon programmes though some of it confuses me unless I miss explinations. Like the tree theory - why only growing towards the poles, would they not grow around the sphere?
  5. I just had another 10 mins outside, caught 2 meteors while scanning the skies. The amount of times I've stared up at the sky and seen nothing, in a few mins i see 2. Not sure whether it was due to the increased aperture or coincidence. Saw a dot next to Jupiter and had a good look at Pleiades Give me a deck chair and a duvet though, my fingers are numb and I've got a crick in my neck.
  6. Hello, I'm also new, using 8x42 bins at the mo. I'm in Ashby
  7. Ah that's a shame but you're right safety first! I've just sat in the back garden for 5 mins and spotted the tiny smudge that i believe to be Andromeda Never give up hope, there are loads of people who share your passion and the internet allows us to connect. Have you any astrological societies near by that arrange meetups? check your library.
  8. Thanks for posting this, I would have missed that prog otherwise
  9. Hello, I've just recently bought a pair of Opticron 8x42 Imagic TGA for general use and beginner skywatching. The moon was quite an obvious starting point, then to Jupiter which has 2 points of light really close to it - possibly Europa and Callisto according to Stellarium. Then the plaeides were more than a smudge in the sky, in a patch of sky which appeared to the naked eye to have nothing in it was a twinkly mass once I pointed the bins at it. FANTASTIC!!! I really dont have much sky mapping experience so the phone and mac apps are going to be a great help!
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