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  1. If you have the discount card for Go Outdoors and have one near you then these are good http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-5-led-3fn-micro-equipment-headlight-p143635
  2. might have to look into this, when do they meet up there ?
  3. Thanks for the welcome messages Was originally from Preston (Walton - Le - Dale) and now living in Blackburn good to see there is a few quite local as well.....always a bonus once again thanks
  4. i got one of these the other week from Go outdoors and really do the job well http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-5-led-3fn-micro-equipment-headlight-p143635
  5. I've just got back in from a nice 150 mile round trip with my scope and some amazing views of Jupiter and the moons then turned my attention to Betelgeuse but am really getting the buzz about going out and seeing what i can find out there
  6. Hi everyone, as the title of the thread suggests have just joined after a drive out around the peak district with my scope and thought i will strike while the iron is hot as couldn't really find anywhere to set up but managed an hour or so have been into astronomy for years but have only taken the plunge into purchasing my first scope a month ago and have had a couple of good nights ( due to weather ) and have seen Jupiter and four of her moons was just awestruck by that and really enjoying it but am sure things could be easier as am a complete noob at this esp with eq2 mount. So hopefully wi
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