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  1. I will let you know Scott......it may be a while though....got some learning to do i think! I did choose this because I have just got back in to photography with an Olympus E420 and wanted to hook it up to this scope......think I may be running before i walk though!
  2. This was the first lesson I learnt! trying to align the finder with the tube in the dark was impossible! so that was the first night and a failure.....have done this in the day light already
  3. Bought my first telescope a few weeks back (a Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan goto telescope). Every time I have tried to set it up the cloud has come over or it started to rain (good ol Britsh weather). However the other night i grabbed a few moments when the moon was pretty full and just pointed it tp the sky .........what i saw blew me away! the detail was unbelievable.......so tonight the weather forescast is clear sky and I am going to attempt to set up the computer goto system on it and see what i can find! Any tips from seasoned pros most welcome
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