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  1. Strangely I havent seen anything in the variable section of swedish Astronet. This means one of two things.

    1) It's not something to worry about.


    2) It's really something to worry about :)

    Also, it's in Cygnus, meaning it's probably in our galaxy, hence not a Supernova, because everyone would have noticed that by now, but it could be a Nova...

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  2. For the black point, I plead personal preference on that one !  Personally, I like the background a little darker than others, and usually aim for about 3.5%-4% in pixinsight for it.  No pixels were clipped in the making of this image though.

    Ok, I promise I wont press charges ;)

    Howcome do you think the stars are elongated, just curious as you are autoguiding.

    Keep up the good work, cant wait to see your next project.

  3. Hi

    The weight capacity is usually overstated. You're putting a very expensive scope on top of a cheap mount and pairing it with a cheap camera. For instance the NEQ-6 is rated for almost 20kg, but thats mostly for visual use, most guys would probably try to put on half of that for photography. Besides you need to factor in stuff like guide-tubes, heaters and cameras. The mount is rated for 30lbs, and IIRC the 925 is 20lbs. And thats without the extras. And if you try and use the 925 without the extras youre wasting its potential. If your're going for such a fine scope as the Edge HD, I'd put a proper CCD on it instead of a DSLR.

    So basicly, upgrade the mount to atleast a CGEM, or downgrade the scope to something lighter like a good quality frac, or a lighter non-HD SCT if you want the higher focal length. It will also be extra hard with a high power scope like the 925 just because of the high focal length. You can usually get away with underpowered mount on lower focal lengths, but each vibration due to instability, wind and periodic error is quanitifed, even an autoguider might not be able to keep up consistently.

    Even if it will work in theory, in practice it might be a bit of a struggle to get consistent results, and if you're ready to pay that much, don't settle for a rig that "could work in theory" but settle for one that wont give you a headache. And overloading a smaller mount is never recommended.

    So to sum up: You always need a more sturdy mount, but can usually get away with a cheaper scope if the mount is solid.

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  4. Hi

    Stunning capture. Really enjoying it. Would love to get my hands on a CCD/Modded DSLR to capture me some emission nebulae (also would like to sit further south, a lot of the southern stuff is impossible up here north).

    Some remarks: Stars are slightly elongated, and you've cut the background just a tad to much towards black.

  5. That's still pretty darn decent for a regular ol EQ5 at 90 sec.

    The elongated stars is because the mount is struggling and/or polar alignment. You might be able to get rounder stars in some of the subs with a better polar alignment, balance and/or luck. Meaning you're really pushing your luck with unguided 90 secs on an EQ5. You will get mixed results unless sturdier mount/autoguider.

    Also focus like has been mentioned by Leveye. I pause every few subs and refocus in max zoomed live view.

    Streak is a satellite.

  6. Hi

    What mount do you have for the MAK? Unless you have a motorized equatorial mount, you might find it very hard to do deep-sky with a DSLR, in that case you could hook up a simpler webcam and do lunar/planetary for a fraction of the budget. As I recall the GOTO mount for the MAK 127 is an alt/az mount and will introduce field rotation when doing long exposures.

    However if you plan on buying a DSLR for both astro and daytime, Canon is the preferred brand due to software support.

    Personally I think the 600D is dated. In that price range, have a peek at 700D.

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  7. Took this one yesterday as a test run with a timer-remote I borrowed. Much better. But my setup wasn't spot on this time and I struggled to keep about half my subs, due to eggy stars and thick fog that rolled in towards midnight.

    Scraped together 30x90sec subs, 10 darks, 20 flats, 40 bias. Gear in my signature.

    Got a coma-corrector arriving in the mail next week, and thinking seriously about finding a laptop to setup PHD.

    Critique and feedback always welcome. Be honest.

    Thanks for looking.


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