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  1. Best book ever. Var bor du? I närheten av Stockholm/Uppsala får du haka på och träffa oss i UAA.
  2. Hi, I'm guessing you're going to fit it to the 6" skywatcher. Only need a T-2 adapter if you have the 150PDS. No EP's. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/adaptors/t-rings.html Edit: I read reflector not refractor. Not sure on how to couple it apart from the T-ring, but it should be similarly simple. You generally want to avoid eyepiece projection adapters and shoot at prime focus.
  3. I can't remember any of the program or application names, but Jonas Grinde http://stargazerslounge.com/user/7640-grinde/ and a few others I know of have automated obsys. I think his rig is situated at Olly's place in france now. He used to have a rig in sweden where the roof automaticly rolled off when the sky was clear (clould sensor camera), and started shooting targets from a priority list (taking into account height above horizon and location of the moon). He just had to check his FTP for fresh data each morning Chuck him a PM and ask what he uses.
  4. Also what ISO? And try the different settings in DSS for whatsitsname... Background Calibration.
  5. In Deep Sky Stacker, try bumping saturation to 25%. Also the double cluster contains very few "blue" stars. Many reference images, including my last try has a false blue in it for esthetics. But you should at very least be able to get some orange out of some stars. Best way I've found is to fidget around with channels in DSS to get a balanced image, then bump saturation to 20-30% then save a 32 bit tiff, open in phothoshop, convert using exposure/gamma (not local adaption) to 16 bit and take it from there. It's a whole new beast for me to process astrophotography, struggling at times to get my
  6. Hello I'd say you're right in the zone with that setup. I think the NEQ-6 handle a 200pds for imaging, but the general consensus seem to be it's a bit on the large side. Adding the 2nd counterweight might be needed since I'm using the 150pds without the ST80 at the moment, and I'm fairly close to the end of the bar with a single counterweight. But all that will become clear as you go through the balancing process.
  7. Sounds like it was all worth it Any chance for a picture of the beast?
  8. Hi and welcome! Post more southern DSO's
  9. Looks really good. I'm looking to get into this type of photography now that I got a timer remote. Just some minor hot pixel removal and you're golden.
  10. Looks solid. Hope you stort out the elongated stars.
  11. You blew that one right out of the water. Amazing job.
  12. Strangely I havent seen anything in the variable section of swedish Astronet. This means one of two things. 1) It's not something to worry about. or 2) It's really something to worry about Also, it's in Cygnus, meaning it's probably in our galaxy, hence not a Supernova, because everyone would have noticed that by now, but it could be a Nova...
  13. Among the finest I've ever seen. Good job.
  14. That looks familiar. Just did a version of this with a similar kit. Good work.
  15. Hi and welcome. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and maybe some teaser shots of the pier/obsy.
  16. Ok, I promise I wont press charges Howcome do you think the stars are elongated, just curious as you are autoguiding. Keep up the good work, cant wait to see your next project.
  17. Great advice from Ronin as usual. You could also consider posting on http://www.cloudynights.com/index/ since their userbase is more from the US than europe, they might have more local members to help you.
  18. Hi The weight capacity is usually overstated. You're putting a very expensive scope on top of a cheap mount and pairing it with a cheap camera. For instance the NEQ-6 is rated for almost 20kg, but thats mostly for visual use, most guys would probably try to put on half of that for photography. Besides you need to factor in stuff like guide-tubes, heaters and cameras. The mount is rated for 30lbs, and IIRC the 925 is 20lbs. And thats without the extras. And if you try and use the 925 without the extras youre wasting its potential. If your're going for such a fine scope as the Edge HD, I'd put a
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