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  1. Lovely colors and sharpness. A wee bit noisy, what ISO did you use? Keep em coming!
  2. Good job. A bit afraid to try this one myself as it is easy to make it look smudgy. You've certainly pulled it off however. Keep em coming.
  3. Lovely lovely colors. Got a wee bit of puprle fringing (very noticable in the background stars) and maybe to low pixel value in the background (but thats a matter of personal taste). Great job, keep em coming.
  4. Good capture! Keep em coming! You've got a gradient across the lower part of the screen, could probably be compensated for with a synthetic flat. Would like to see a bit more color intensity overall. Try uploading a PNG and you will have an uncompressed image instead of a JPG.
  5. You can get it as a smudgy star with your current kit, but ideally youre looking at some kind of mount that tracks the sky, like a proper motorized equatorial telescope mount or an Astrotrac or Skywatchers Star Adventurer. It can be done with a 200-300mm telephoto lens (prime or zoom) or a dedicated telescope with no more than roughly 500mm focal length if you want to capture it whole. Also +1 for Making Every Photon Count if you really want to try the deep waters...
  6. One of the many reasons to use FLO. Hope you get it sorted.
  7. "Brown Dwarf" "Nebula" etcis just the "post count title" check above for the username. You can use your google docs or dropbox account to share large files.
  8. A combination of cheap mount and polar alignment. Even perfect alignment wont help budget mounts, the worm gears arent machined to that quality. Thats why people use guide setups or buy really really expensive mounts. If you can take 30sec to 1 minute subs without the stars being eggy, you should be happy. I can stretch my NEQ-6 to 90sec up to 2 minutes unguided if I'm lucky. Would still be interesting to see one sub.
  9. Set threshhold so you get about 50 stars... Then comes then fun part...
  10. Those speeds would probably be the slewing speed when changing between objects. What handset do you have? Doest it track the objects while observing visually.
  11. No, Raw/L is fine! The motors should ofcourse go at 1x speed so they track the sky. It's easy to verify, if you leave the telescope at one star for a few minutes it shouldn't have moved out of view. I think its just a matter of achieving focus with live view. Polar alignment, synscan setup and balance will ofcourse affect everything, but assuming that it's correctly setup it shold be a matter of finding focus. Can you share an example of one of your pictures so maybe we can see whats the issue?
  12. There are all kinds of intriguing shapes and forms coming out in the dust. Very pleasing.
  13. Yeah, like Ronin says, if it's a dobson you wont be able to get M31. Technically a dobson can be used for planetary work, but not deep sky. To achieve focus with a DSLR, i use Live View and try to point the scope at a star bright enough to focus on using zoomed live view. Most objects has one or two stars that appear in live view luckily. DSS needs round, sharp stars to stack reliably. I've had it yell at me even when my subs looked "ok".
  14. Hello SGL Just came home from a nice evening with my astronomy club. According to tradtion we always kick of the season with a grilling party. The clouds lingered all evening but we got 1 hour of more or less clear skies just after dark. I had left my scope at home but brought my DSLR for some widefields. It didn't matter as we had a good time eating and talking, and during the clear streak Lars took had a visual session for old and new members in the 18" newtonian (the large white dome), Mats and Patrik tried to catch an asteroid occultation with the 16" RC astrograph. We also had two refractors and one MN190 collecting subs and Magnus 6" newton used for sketching. Two really new things for me this evening: First we saw Mother of Pearl Clouds or Nacreous Clouds after sunset. Never really seen those, let alone record them. Also Magnus showed me the Veil nebula with his 6" newton. At first I was really not sure what I saw, but then he fitted his filters it really popped out at me. Need to get me a few of those. Good way to kick of a new season, in spite of clouds. Thanks for watching!
  15. VigdisVZ

    Starbeque 2014

    Some pictures from UAA Starbeque 2014
  16. VigdisVZ


    From the album: Starbeque 2014

  17. VigdisVZ


    From the album: Starbeque 2014

  18. I have the same ring as you do in my 150PDS. Yep the FLO one should be slightly more secure. Hope you get it sorted.
  19. I really adore these slightly wider than usual shots, and the astrotrac really shines in your capable hands. Don't stop posting these ever.
  20. Maybe this one? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/adaptors/flo-2-inch-t-mount-camera-adapter.html
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