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  1. I tried, but didn’t understand a word of it ? https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/72824/what-is-the-shape-of-a-black-hole
  2. Wouldn’t the shape of the event horizon be determined by the shape of the mass acting on it - in other words the shape of the black hole (which cannot have shape if it is a singularity - so back to square 1 ? ).
  3. The second promoted comment on this article suggests that it should appear the same, regardless of the point of view of the observer. I don’t really follow the explanation though. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/04/event-horizon-telescope-gives-us-first-images-of-what-its-named-for/
  4. If it is elliptical because of its spin, then it would imply it has volume. A singularity, however, cannot have volume. ?
  5. It has been described as “perfectly circular”, but to me it looks elliptical, or possibly even ‘egg-shaped’. Has anyone seen any discussion on that aspect?
  6. My first attempt at a star trails image made using starstax. I set my EOS 6D (with Magic Lantern) taking time-lapse images overnight on 30/07/16, and this was the result:
  7. My effort ... I had to resort to using a DSLR with a 400mm lens, because the moisture got into my scope and rendered the handset communications u/s
  8. Tykeviewer


    Miscellaneous images
  9. I was experimenting with time-lapse photography in my light polluted back garden last night, 29/07/15, and captured a new galaxy! A link to the movie is given below, beginning at twilight. The camera was pointed due south, but was fitted with a wide angle lens at 14mm on a full frame DSLR, so has quite a wide field of view. Look for the new galaxy from about half-way through. The principal stars forming a triangle are as follows; the top left corner is Deneb, the top right is Vega, and the bottom is Altair. https://youtu.be/puZGhWtWDZE I consulted every astronomy app to try to identify
  10. This is a link to a video I made in 2012. Paul.
  11. They are the darker images (the pages change daily); here is the latest example: http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/soc/Pluto-Encounter/view_obs.php?image=data/pluto/level2/lor/jpeg/029682/lor_0296826898_0x630_sci_1.jpg&utc_time=2015-06-17<br>06:03:00 UTC&description=OpNav+Campaign+4%2C+LORRI+1X1&target=PLUTO&range=32.4M km&exposure=100 msec
  12. If you look at the unprocessed images, it still doesn't look round ...... http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/soc/Pluto-Encounter/index.php
  13. Here is a sequence I managed to capture, despite the clouds rolling in towards the end.... Paul
  14. Hmm, seems as though animated GIFs don't work Here are the individual frames..... I saw all three shadows, but the last one was tricky because the clouds began to roll in at the crucial time. Paul.
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