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  1. so the reflection is still there without the filter
  2. thanks for the replies, I forgot to mention in my first post that the mod was to replace to original IR cut filter I'm going to try both with and without the cls filter, just have to wait for the cloud to clear now
  3. i recently modded my 1100d and with it being clear last night i decided to try it out to try it out and make sure everything was fine, i started off with a few shots of Pleiades and straight away i noticed a problem, on the brighter stars you can see a red reflection and on the smaller stars there is red halos round them, I've attached an image below to show the problem i am using the skywatcher ed80 and a cls clip filter in the 1100d, i want using a reducer as i don't have one yet. could it be due to the mod, could it be a reflection from the clip filter, any help would be very much appreciated
  4. I have decided to attempt to replace the filter on my 1100d next weekend, i've ordered most of the tools i'll need to do the job, all I need now is silicone, can anybody recommend a silicone for holding the new filter in place?
  5. Thanks for the help, I thought there was something wrong with my camera
  6. ive done a few pictures tonight to test the setup again as ive not used the scope for a while and ive notice small red dots all over my images, they arent stars as once the images are stacked they leave little streaks all over my images, any advice would be helpful the image is just a stack of lights, no darks or flats
  7. I've got a 25mm celestron plossl (not 20mm as I said in my last post) and a cheap 10mm skywatcher eyepiece that came my st80 so I'm looking to improve on the high power eyepiece
  8. I've been having a look at eyepieces again and found another choice, the Pentax xf 8mm, as it will mainly be used for planetary I want a decent high power eyepiece then when I can afford another I'll get a low power eyepiece, I've got a 20mm celestron plossl that came with the scope so that will do for now Any thoughts on the pentax xf 8mm?
  9. thanks for the help, i think im gonna go with the click lock system, but im only gonna be able to order it in a couple of weeks so theres plenty of time to change my mind
  10. I've decided to upgrade my celestron c8 with a few shiny new parts , one of which is a new diagonal so far I've decided on either the baader click lock 2" dielectric diagonal or the William optics 2" dielectric diagonal, if I went for the baader version I would need to buy an extra 2" to 1.25" adapter as I have a few 1.25" eyepieces i'd still like to use. Is the baader diagonal worth paying extra for, is the click lock system better than thumb screws Next part is a f6.3 focal reducer (haven't decided which one yet), I'm also after the baader click lock 2" to SCT adapter, what length adapter would I need to get the correct spacing between the reducer and sensor, it would be used with a DSLR (1100d) The last piece is a new eyepiece, I've been looking a the baader Hyperion range as I like the fact its not just one power, by adding spacers you can increase the power and they can be connected to a camera, Can anybody recommend which to go for?, also does it lower the power by removing the 1.25" part of the eyepiece? Any advice would be appreciated Simon
  11. I'd recommend using at least 3 calibration stars aswell as the 2 star alignment, your alignment should get more accurate the more calibration stars you use, I had the same problem as you when I first got my CG5 GT I'd also recommend doing an all star polar alignment to get even better accuracy if you plan on imaging, Have a look here on how to do it http://www.celestron...olar-alignment/
  12. That's what I thought, how strong it would be. I know what you mean about the focus control and the SCT focuser is the next thing on the list, I think
  13. are you sure? this is the step down ring i was talking about and if you look at the other picture there is a m48 mount with filter attatched to it and step down ring attatched to that http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M48-x-0-75mm-to-M42-x-0-75mm-adapter-2-to-T-thread-mount-48mm-42mm-adapter-ring-/111038311488?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item19da662c40
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