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  1. I think so, just waiting for a clear sky to try it out
  2. Hi I have a skywatcher skymax 127 synscan az goto scope and am having difficulty entering coordinates which are Lat: 55.23,1720 Long: -1.566570 attached is a pic of what I have entered, is it correct please?
  3. Thanks Fozzie, I read the article,it was really helpful cheers Rasper
  4. Just another quick question are prisms better than diagonals? I have the diagonal that came with scope but thinking of getting an erecting prism
  5. Anyone any advice on which is the better eyepiece William Optics SPL Eyepiece 12.5mm or Vixen SLV Eyepiece 12mmFLO has them both on at same price (vixen is ex demo) any suggestions much appreciated
  6. I bought the 9mm skywatcher UWA planetary eyepiece from Flo and just been out tonight and got my first view of the moon (what there was of it). What a difference this eyepiece made compared to the standard 10mm that came with the scope. The view was stunning Now I have to decide which other ones to buy, its a shame they don't have a 15mm in the same brand
  7. Thanks rwilkey it gets a bit confusing when same eyepieces are under different brand names
  8. Been looking around for eyepieces, thanks to your advice are these ones any good for my scope http://www.365astronomy.com/7mm-The-Planetary-Eyepiece.html will be using them for moon and planet viewing probably looking to get 7mm 9mm and 15mm thanks
  9. rasper

    Returning gazer

    hi and welcome back
  10. try this link, hopefully it might be useful http://www.mcwetboy.com/mcwetlog/2008/03/webcams_astrophotography_and_the_mac.php
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