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  1. Oh I see. yea very low photons. its foggy nowadays here so I guess I have to wait for a decent clear winter sky
  2. Amazing shot! no matter how many pictures you see of the M42, pro or amateur, it just never fails to take one's breath away. Thank you for sharing the picture. How did you stack the images, which you get from stacking several videos, into one?
  3. Thank you sorry whats photon?
  4. Thank you all so much for all the feedback guys. Really heplful stuff! You guys are cool I just wanted to share a little photo I took with the 3.2mm EP just now. It's a stacked image of 27 seconds in Registax 6 taken using an old digital camera (no HD video function) and the 3x optical zoom. I only wish the views from the EP were this good haha
  5. rizzi

    The sky from Dhaka, Bangladesh

    This is just my small gallery, made up of pictures from my small telescope using a digital camera and my phone. Being in a busy city means that the sky is painted with light and dust pollution. Hope you guys like my little gallery.
  6. oh didn't know that. This is the one I got yesterday http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-2mm-Planetary-Wide-Angle-Eyepiece-58-degree-angle-1-25-fitting-/110792855735?pt=UK_Telescope_Eyepieces&hash=item19cbc4d0b7#rpdId
  7. Ah I see because I noticed it yesterday when I was viewing Saturn. There was a very obvious wobble as if someone lit a giant gas stove underneath! But I found the views of both Jupiter and Saturn to be dominated by a white tint, unlike my 10mm stock EP which shows the colours. So high powered EPs are meant to produce less colour and details? Sorry my 3.2mm EP is not a HR Planetary, its a TMB Planetary II SW from Sky's The Limit : ]
  8. I see. Thanks a lot for your feedbacks guys. Means a lot. Yea I think I'll wait for the sky to get clear and to have planets well above the horizon for a much clearer view on that mag. I'll post a picture if I manage to capture a decent one. Thanks
  9. Hello. I have a HR Planetary 3.2 mm eyepiece that I got today. It now magnifies to just above 200x. I have a sywatcher 130p and I observed Jupiter today and I found that the views are both hazy and much much darker than my stock 25mm and 10mm eyepieces. I'm sorry if such question has been answered but is it because the eyepiece is of 1. poor quality, or 2. too much magnification, or 3. do high powered eps tend to be of such nature? It would be really helpful if you guys could help me out. Thanks
  10. yea its a pain lol coz youre really dont wanna get up so early! i was really reluctant the first time, but i just threw myself out and had a look. when i first found it with my 25mm EP I already noticed it to be slightly oval shaped. Got my 10mm EP out, had a look, and then......................................... Well long story short, if I didn't have a life or was a full time astrophysicist I would have blumming done it every day coz it wont be a bad thing to gaze at saturn to start the day
  11. A big ofcourse! I can see the rings nicely with my 130p telescope with the supplied 10mm EP providing 65x! For me, here in Dhaka, 5:30 is the ideal time because its a bit higher on the horizon and there arent any sunlight. at about 6am when the sun begins to rise saturn begins to lose its details until it vanishes completely! So im pretty sure you'll be able to view it, esp coz you have a much more powerful scope than mine.
  12. nice! For us its on the 11th of december at around 5:30am when the three planets plus the moon is gonna align on the eastern sky.
  13. Install Stellarium and set your location there. You can time travel and determine yourself. It has always been spot on for me
  14. this is really good! Nice work and really great details as well in the picture. Your next target should definately be the M31! Just give it a shot and post a picture no matter what outcome you get
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