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  1. Your replays are kind and understanding. Thank you.
  2. Thank you everyone for replays !!! I do appreciate all suggestions as well as criticism !!! Just to replay to some of the responses.. Yes this is a study project but it has nothing to do with engineering or scientific research, rather it's a social research that investigates stargazers. (you all have made a mark). This project is not trying to solve any problems, rather trying to enhance the experiences. Whatever it may be - a new app. (just given as example, as some replays required) more efficient starmap layouts, specially tailored diaries etc. (im not asking you to give me suggestions on
  3. To clarify, this is a research stage in this project and it's development and outcome is dependent on what this research will reveal !!! As I have said in the topic paragraph, the product/service wil be designed to make stargazing experiences better and more interesting. (just to give you an example, for better understanding, this service/product could be an app, that keeps a track of your discovered stars/planets through whole year, and builds your own unique star map.) Best of luck ! Thank you !
  4. Thank you for replay ! I have read what people are writing on this forum and its the reason why I have posted these questions in new topic, because I have not found answers Im looking. Iam interested in personal outlooks rather then something else.
  5. Hi, This time I will start differently! I am Product Design student in Glasgow School of Art, currently undertaking an exciting project to all astronomers and star lovers, like everyone of you are here! I hope you find this project interesting to take a small part in it and make stargazing experience better! Currently we are at stage where we are trying to understand the fascination for stars and what are those reasons, for everyone personally! Every aspect of different experiences, different ways of looking at stars is important for us, to create a new product or service that will be dedicate
  6. Dark nights and clear sky!!!

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