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  1. I used IDL for my PhD work and am not a fan of it. People might want to check out Python (with SciPy/NumPy) or R for doing this kind of stuff. Both are free and there are probably image processing libraries for both.
  2. I get up at 5ish and get home between 19:00 and 20:00, because I work quite a way from where I live. I tend to feel quite tired in the evenings, so it's usually just dinner and bed. It was a shame last night, because it looked like there were good conditions (i.e. no clouds!) here.
  3. nxrc


    Ha! I've forgotten so much basic astrophysics. The Sun on the other hand.. I'll do my best to chip in where I can.
  4. nxrc


    Thanks guys!
  5. Nice image. Looks like you can even see a light bridge in one of those spots .
  6. Thanks guys. I think I probably have minor astigmatism too, after trying the technique Keith mentioned. I think I'l still go for the Fieldmaster pair. Thanks!
  7. Thanks very much tetenterre. I wear glasses because I'm quite shortsighted; I don't believe I have astigmatism (I assume I'd know about that!). I'm not sure I'll be able to get somewhere that has all those models to try out! Ah, I see now why when you talk about the Fieldmaster, you say "another, good ..." and there's a reference to DPS-1, even though it doesn't appear anywhere else on the page - both are because that model has been removed from that section.
  8. Thanks all so far. mikehab, do you wear glasses when using the DPS-1?
  9. Hi all, As the title mentions, I'm looking to get my first binoculars. I've done some reading (such as the guide on the Binocular Sky website) and it seems the consensus is to go for a pair that are 10x50 and Porro prism. I'd like to use them with glasses and also take them with me if I fly anywhere. I've put together a list of models that are reasonably priced and may be suitable, but I'm still unsure. These are: Olympus DPS-1 - good price on Amazon, but lacking eye relief? Celestron Nature - £65 from FLO. Helios Fieldmaster - £47.99 from Harrison Telescopes. The website says they have long eye relief and Binocular Sky recommends them. Meade 10x50 - £39 from Telescope House. There are other models too, like the Strathspey Marines or Waterproofs, Helios Naturesport and seemingly dozens more. I'm leaning towards the Fieldmaster ones, as they're well priced and look perfect. Are those a good choice then, or ...? Thanks!
  10. A good popular science book about the history and science of helioseismology is Bill Chaplin's "Music of the Sun".
  11. nxrc


    Thanks again. Any advice about the bins? Maybe it would be best to split the question into another thread; it's probably going to get lost here!
  12. nxrc


    Thanks to the others that have welcomed me since I last posted in this thread! I was going to start a thread about binoculars, but I suppose I can ask my question here. I notice most guides say to go for 10x50 ones and there seem to be quite a few models that are reasonably priced (like the aforementioned Olympus ones). My main concern is that I wear glasses and am short sighted, so would rather keep them on when observing. The guides I've read suggest more eye relief is better for those of us with glasses, so can I get a decent pair with good eye relief for under £100? I think the Olympus DPS-1s are lacking for eye relief aren't they? Amazon says 12 mm, though I think I've read you want at least 15 mm if you're wearing glasses. Is that a good guideline? Thanks again!
  13. nxrc


    Thanks all for the welcome and recommendations. I'd seen the Olympus ones you mentioned tehmonkie and indeed they're reasonably priced at Amazon. I'll have a look at those Stathsprey ones too . I've been lurking here the past few days and have found some links to some good articles too. Thanks again .
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