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  1. But how many of us can really afford to buy a set of Ethos - maybe one day I will be able to afford one. Meantime I will enjoy my Baader Hyperions - I like the modular system where each ep has 4 different focal lengths - feel it gives me more bang for the buck.
  2. I have a Startravel 80/400 as my grab ´n go - http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3431_Skywatcher-Startravel-80---80-400mm-Autotracking-Telescope.html Not the best refractor, a basic achro, my Stellarvue is of WAY better quality, but it is just so facile to set up, point it roughly north and the AltAz mount tracks good enough for visual, which is very useful. For observing nights with my astronomy group I just pick it up - the legs collapse - and I throw it in the car. A bit of false colour on planets but Saturn and Jupiter are still both magnificent sights, better with my Hyperions than the supplied eyepieces. Remember the best telescope is the one you use the most. Go for it if you fancy it. Good luck.
  3. The double - double, epsilon Lyrae. Easy to find as well as it is right next to the bright star Vega.
  4. It helps if you have the eyepiece pointing in the direction of the balance weight arm.
  5. So you should stay on GMT (which is Universal Time) all year, as far as the SynScan is concerned!! And ditch the GPS.
  6. Yes the 45 degree prism gives you correct image. This is my grab ´n go - small refractor on a AltAz mount that tracks. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3431_Skywatcher-Startravel-80---80-400mm-Autotracking-Telescope.html Dead light tripod - I just pick it up and sling it in the car.
  7. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3431_Skywatcher-Startravel-80---80-400mm-Autotracking-Telescope.html This is my grab ´n go. Just pick it up and the legs collapse, very light, just sling it in the car. AltAz mount is not GoTo but tracks.
  8. Stellarvue is another high end scope builder, I am so pleased with mine. But they are hard to find this side of the pond.
  9. There are loads of fastener suppliers - often the major problem is identifying the correct size.
  10. I think so - mine does and so much of this stuff is cloned from the same source.
  11. I think it can be said we are all unanimous in this!!
  12. 1/4" - 20 UNC is the common camera thread. Most people have a tripod they can use to check if that is the one.
  13. I guess you are right there, but I use Hyperions with f/5 and find them good.
  14. For a bit more, the Baader hyperion range offer good eye relief and with the finetuning rings a range of focal lengths.
  15. Absolutely - the cure of course is to increase your aperture.
  16. You sure do, LOL. I is written as upper case.
  17. I have just received my Telrad and am a bit taken aback that it is ENORMOUS! I am still trying to work out how best to put it on my Stellarvue 102ED, which has a clamshell fixing. I wish I had known about the Rigel first!!
  18. Yes, I have noticed that there is always a good Samaritan.
  19. 50 clicks south of Alicante at the moment, LOL. I lived at Dousland on the moor (I was in the RN at the time) for a long time then briefly moved into Plymouth proper. Loved it there.
  20. Hey - now I have made 250 posts an EDIT buttton has magically appeared - I have reached the age of reason and can now be actually trusted to amend my own typos - YEEEHAH!!!! EDIT - just had to try it out !!!!!!
  21. I lived on Dartmoor a few years before I really got interested in astronomy - didn´t appreciate what I had in those days.
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