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  1. They will because the power is marked on them. And I find a 5mW doesn´t cut the mustard - when my astronomy group meet it is always my 50mW that is in demand as a pointer.
  2. Without going to the expense of GOTO you can motorise the RA axis of an EQ5 (and the Dec axis if you want to spend a little more) so that it will track an object while you are observing it. IMHO a far more elegant solution than repeatedly shoving an AltAz mount into position by hand. (Manual AltAz mounts are just so end-of-the-pier.)
  3. I was just looking at the Meade LX 80 mount, the one that can be configured as a GOTO AltAz or a GOTO GEM. Seems an interesting idea, it is priced competitively against the EQ6 and has a good load capacity. Anybody have any experience of this one - is it a brilliant idea or does it perform both roles badly? Certainly it would make a refreshing change from the HEQ5 and EQ6 that gets uiversally recommended in this forum.
  4. Just waft a bit of warm air at it from the wife´s hairdryer.
  5. No, the dual axis motors are bog standard motors, the GOTO uses stepper motors.
  6. I would be banging on the manager´s desk and demanding why he thought what I was purchasing was any of his damn business!!
  7. Saturn will be at opposition April 28, when it will be a magnificent sight.
  8. Find out what you need and buy as you go. Kits like this tend not to be of much use, and not of the best quality. Go out and use your scope and you will soon realise what you want.
  9. Yes, these things are like hen´s teeth. FLO now apparently have them - I did cancel an order with them after waiting 6 weeks - got mine somewhere else.
  10. If your observing session is over, no way you can´t keep all condensation at bay with some mega heat from the wife´s hairdryer - my FAVOURITE astronomy accessory.
  11. LOL I can´t afford the eyepieces you already have. No way could I recommend an improvement.
  12. Better than all the above is to get some red LEDS. Have a look on eBay, American EBay will probably be better than UK. Good luck
  13. That would indicate that you are using rechargeables. Rechargeable NiMH cells - the common type - are only 1.2V each. Eight of them is only 9.6V - if that is all the volts they are getting that could well be the root of the problem. Or have I got that totally wrong?
  14. My mount has been attached to the tripod for years.
  15. Astrobuysell.com is full of want ads by people who want to buy the hard to find (and so easy to sell) stuff, and sell ads by people who are trying to sell stuff nobody wants. You can get that anywhere.
  16. Lots of folks never learnt the difference between their, there and they´re - your and you´re, two, too and to. They should OF learnt this at school. LOL
  17. Currently I have to carry my gear up a spiral staircase to my observing area. My largest mount is myEQ5 - my poor back couldn´t handle anything more massive - strikes me it weighs quite enough as it is.
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