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  1. username - you really said it how it is. Tomorrow I have to do some painting on the spiral staircase I use to get to my observing area - if it is fine that is. So I can be sure it will be a glorious night when I can´t walk on the tacky paint!!
  2. I hang my powertank onto the tripod of my EQ5
  3. Oh dear Liz - please don´t be upset about that. Most people here will be only too happy to help.
  4. C´mon the kid wants a telescope - he is 7 years old - not a load of boring books !!!!!
  5. The fork mount is just a version of the AltAz mount. For astrophotography you need an EQ mount.
  6. Agree with you totally. Lots of people find EQ mounts very complicated and get on much better with a simpler Alt-az mount.
  7. Of course you are right - not every newcomer wants to work with the complexities of an equatorial mount.
  8. Probably put that on the back burner for the time being then.
  9. Probably takes you the 11 seconds difference to press the buttons to move from one to the other.
  10. Harsh? - possibly, but only too true I fear . This is why dobsonian mounts are so popular - otters again I am afraid
  11. Trouble is lots of (would be) astronomers are basically otters.
  12. Are you saying, by your use of the word ZAPPED, that someone deliberately shone a laser in his eyes? Well that is criminal assault if that is the case. I trust the police were called. OK, I use lasers, find them very useful - have had some banter here with folks about the things - but would never condone their use to harm an innocent bystander.
  13. Am also looking at the Telescop Services 7 - 21mm - also good value apparently.
  14. A guy I know lost the sight of one eye when it was stabbed by a cactus spine. So do we therefore conclude that cacti are dangerous? Actually growing cacti is my other hobby, and I shall continue to do it regardless of the risk to my sight.
  15. Maybe I should direct you to my neighbour - he is blind in one eye.
  16. If you have the goods and haven´t paid the duty you have got away with it. They charge you duty before they give you the goods! But you must reckon you will have to cough up !!! Import duty then VAT on the entire cost including carriage charges !!!
  17. Why is that any kind of problem?? It is not illegal to use a laser to align a telescope.
  18. Man after my own heart - I have a cheap 300 mW that I move from scope to scope. Saves my poor back a lot of bending. I don´t live near an airport flight path and my Spanish neighbours will not be complaining about me - they are far more live and let live than Brits can be.
  19. Useful - and he doesn´t have an American accent !!!!
  20. Firearms in the UK are defined as a ´lethal barreled weapon´. So I think that comment is a work of fiction. A licence? Is there one? Some years ago I was working with VERY high powered lasers used in nuclear fusion research at an establishment that doesn´t appear on any maps - I don´t ever remember any licence of any kind. It is only laser pointers that you are going to hold and wave about with an audience present that are actually limited to 1 (not 5 - that is in the US) mW. A laser incorporated into a piece of scientific equipment (like your telescope setup?) is subject to no such regulation. So the law in the UK is very vague on the whole subject. Here in Spain? Well the corrupt cops are only interested in ripping off motorists. Who cares about lasers?
  21. Of course, the beam itself is completely invisible. It is reflection from water droplets and dust in the atmosphere that enables you to see where it is pointing. In Spanish skies I find 5 mW is not enough, and there was a night about a month ago when the beam from my 50 mW was totally invisible!! If you have enough crud in the Bournemouth atmosphere a feeble 1 mW can obviously work, but it definitely won´t do the business here.
  22. Depends how you define DECENT. Considering your budget is just 150 UKP.
  23. I always have a laser pointer mounted on my scope. I can then aim it at my target object, get that easily in my finderscope while standing upright, without straining my poor back. I have a couple of 50mW and a light sabre 300mW. I keep the business end warm in winter with the wife´s hairdryer - yet another use for that very handy accessory. And lithium batteries are a must!
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