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  1. My EQ5 (a clone of the CG5) is much smoother all round since I cleaned out the glue-like glop that Synta put in these mounts (heaven knows why) and replaced it with a Lithium grease - but I have a feeling that is not your problem.
  2. Or you could fit a diagonal - you might have one already - that will increase the light path to the eyepiece - and rotating the diagonal can solve a lot of the orientation problems you can get with newts. Good luck.
  3. Very pleased indeed with my SV102ED - total quality and does all I could desire. Trouble is this model has been superceded - but a S/H one would be a great buy.
  4. Too true - both my best scopes have dual speed focussers.
  5. Lots of extra bells and whistles but still just the 17 Ah.
  6. Mine is a Maplins 17Ah - didn´t cost a lot and certainly does all I could want for my EQ5 Synscan.
  7. OK if that is free all well and good. Seems not a bad buy then!!
  8. Looks like you are being ripped off a wodge for the postage though.
  9. I have just bought a Wolder MiTab - supermarket here is knocking them out for €59 (plus a bit extra for the smart little case). For that price you can´t go wrong - it would be fun to run my Synscan mount off it - but I am not a computer geek, so will watch this space.
  10. Astronomics offer a Serial to USB that they GUARANTEE to work - not the cheapest, it comes with a CD-ROM. But as we all know you get what ............
  11. I live on Dartmoor 1985 - 96, at Dousland - between Yelverton and the prison. I wasn´t into astronomy then, and didn´t realise what wonderful dark skies I had right over my house.
  12. The eyepiece you have is the 7 - 21 mm Skywatcher, but sold under a load of different badges - I have one
  13. The Nexstar series come on an AltAz mount which is pretty useless for long exposures due to field rotation - but you can now buy a gizmo which rotates your camera to compensate. There is also a fiddly wedge that you can use to imitate a GEM mount - but have read adverse criticism of this. The LX80 can be configured as a GEM mount, so would at first sight appear to be the more appropriate choice. I am sure others will soon put their views. Good luck.
  14. You can certainly buy RA and Dec motor drives, which allow you to move the scope about with motors and to track objects. But if you want GOTO you have to remove those motors and buy a Synscan system which comes with new, better motors.
  15. These ´affordable´ Ritchey Chretiens are all made by GSO (a Taiwan company whose quality control is reckoned to be better than the communist Chinese) and sold with various badges attached. I have been impressed with GSO gear I have bought - some nice Plossls, a Barlow and prism diagonal - all good quality - and my 200mm GSO Newtonian is more solidly made (being steel) and better equipped (two speed Crayford focusser, mirror fan) than the ubiquitous Skywatcher 200p.
  16. Like knives, it is not possession, but what you do with them that is important. When I worked at an establishment that is not on any maps we used some VERY meaty lasers to initiate nuclear fusion. But use them like an idiot and there are a whole raft of laws that can be used to nick you. Act responsibly and you have no problem - and fixing a laser to your telescope to peacefully aim it is responsible use. I have had a 300 mW on mine before now - sometimes the night air here can be so very clear that even a 50 mW laser is invisible.
  17. I am attracted to one of the CTEK battery chargers - can produce 3.8A and has reviews as good as the Opimate. And a bit cheaper.
  18. I regreased and reassembled my EQ5 a while ago - it is now so much improved. But there are loads of parts, including lots of plastic shims that would be easy to reassemble wrongly. Important to make notes of the order in which all the parts came off.
  19. If this is the brass nut pulling out of the plastic then it is a very common FAIL mode indeed. Standard ´fix´ is to hold the brass nut in place with a wide jubilee clip, drilling a hole in the jubilee clip so that the bolt can pass through.
  20. I decided to make my GEM mount GOTO. So now any scope I buy will have the GOTO facility, and I can put the money into good optics.
  21. OK, gratifying to hear that. But I see that its maximum charging current is only 0.8 A. May take a while to charge car batteries. But I find batteries deteriorate in peculiar ways here - they seem to lose a lot of their capacity. I wonder if something that conditions them well might just be the business. Jury is still out. But certainly it gets excellent reviews from the biker fraternity. Thanks
  22. I clicked on your Optimate link - it appears not to be a car battery charger, but for motorcycles. It is sold by an outfit called 2wheeljunkie and all the reviews refer to motorcycle use. I would prefer to buy a charger that would do double duty for my Jump starter and my car. Anyone got a link for a good one?
  23. I am amazed that you can read that blunt pointer that accurately !!!!
  24. Every Chinese made mount I have ever had has been vastly improved by a strip down, remove the awful adhesive-like glop they put in them, relube with a decent grease, and careful rebuilding.
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