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  1. Now can see why they are expensive, but worth every penny, thus why I have two [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. There could be numerous things going on here, focus, exposure time, ISO etc and without knowing exactly how you were set up its difficult to say where the issue lies. There are some really good tutorials available online, this is one I have done for a website http://lothianastronomy.co.uk/dso.php Spend some time reading different tutorials, it will help you understand what went wrong. Be patient, stick with it, it will all come together eventually. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. It's a frac so unless the focuser off, but it's uniform across the image.
  4. and I don't know why its decided to put that in upside down!
  5. This is the guide graph I get, and a crop of the stars, which doesn't show brilliantly in the photo. Basically they are worse than what I used to get with the old HEQ5, which is rather frustrating. I still think its a software issue and seems the guider is just not holding the star and giving a false reading.
  6. portable, so gets set up fresh each time. If it's is polar alignment, then my polar scope must be out. But if it was pa error, wouldn't my guide graph jump around rather than being smooth and flat?
  7. But if I switch off the guiding I can run 200second unguided until they start to trail, so my pa can't be far off. It's almost as if it is saying it is guiding but actually not! Going to try phd2 drift align next time just to see how far I am off
  8. I have just ordered a fidi one too, so hopefully this will work. Polar aligning is very simple, have only used the handset time and get ok stars up to 200 second exposures, which is why in puzzled by the guiding, it's almost as if it's saying it's guiding but not actually guiding at all. So hope switching back to st4 will cure it, have heard people having issues with ascom pulse guiding. I only have a 80mm triplet frac, with a 80mm guider so massively under weight, but intend in converting the 9.25" sct into a deepsky imager for the smaller stuff eventually.
  9. I run mine via maxim, getting a perfect guide graph, averages between 0.05 & 0.08 rms, however stars still drift up and right and over course if several exposures they are moving my several cm's. Now downloaded phd2 to try to see if that makes any difference and gone back to st4 cable rather than pulse guide. Haven't updated the software yet as it doesn't like the rs232 to USB adapter (even well runs mount fine) so have a different one on order. How you getting on with yours?
  10. Mount is working a treat, so easy to set up and connect. I am having issues with my guiding, in that it doesn't seem to guide, but think this is software related rather than mount, but just need some clear skies to figure it out. As long as I can sort my guiding, will have no regrets in spending the £££
  11. Looking good, surprising what can be revealed with a few tweaks :-) I really struggled to process the narrowband image on this one, was one of my first narrowband images. Only recently after about 6 months and lots of practice got a on image I was moderately happy with. OIII and SII are pretty faint, I done 20x600s and probably needed a few more.
  12. Nice image, very nice bubble. I fully agree with the comments above, I done this in full narrow band and had about the same amount of subs in Ha and was able to pull out a lot more of the fainter stuff. Levels and curves should bring it out more and use a hide all layer so can selectively bring certain areas up, leaving the bubble alone.
  13. The mount does run via 12v 2.1mm plug. It ships with a 12v cigarette style plug. The power for the hub is from a separate power source 12v 2.5mm plug via the polar scope, what they do not supply cables for as standard, but are fairly cheap to pick up. Power outputs on hub are standard 2.1mm 12v sockets and 4 unpowered USB ports. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. We are there from about 7.30 so feel free to pop down. Please excuse the mess at the moment as we are getting the site ready for the new season so lots of work going on at the moment. Maybe see you tomorrow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It was Norwich AS that started my hobby/addiction, as I live in Norwich city centre observing from home is impossible so the obs is a saviour for me. There a great bunch up at the obs, so even on cloudy Fridays were still there, visual observers usually on the pool table and us imagers usually huddled around a laptop or chatting in the kitchen. Also we have observers who are key holders (me), so can get down there for members only observing/imaging sessions during the week. :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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