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  1. Im not sure how to work the ra and dec axis. iv just been pointing and not realy paying attention to them. am i rite in saying they are used to locate certain stars ect.
  2. Tyvm guys thats cleared that up. thee issue not the scope, iv not done that yet lol
  3. So there is a chance my scope aint at its best? can there be big improvement after using one?
  4. I bought my astromaster 130 and was to think it was set up and ready to point it up. Oh no iv gone and done some reading ( i know stupid me) and i have heard if collimators. what does it do?
  5. Atm im seeing a small orb with no detail. I was realy wanting to see more. iv been using celestron astromaster 130 with 10mm eye peice and 2x barlow.
  6. Should both my axis be at Zero when polar aligning. using celestron eq mount.
  7. Can anyone tell me when is the best time to capture jupiter as its quite far away atm
  8. If i take a couple images 1 night can i stack them with images i take another night. will it work like that?
  9. rain sucks so its aquarium time

  10. You have broken my heart. But such is life i will photo the moon sun and planets and i will take it from there tyvm friends
  11. Ty guys. so fast aswell. i will try a webcam i think. i was realy hoping to get andromeda is that out of the question? If so can u list some easy targets for me.
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