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  1. Brilliant , glad you like it , good luck in your new venture , if you can please show us your images
  2. Hi there, hope the night went well, how are you finding the new scope ?
  3. Hi , sent an email, dumb question , have you checked spacing of the camera sensor to the scope ?
  4. No problem , if you can't sort it speak to flo about Es Reid Optical Bench Test and let me know the cost please
  5. Hi there , the scope was bought in 2016 from FLO , I took a test photo with the scope and it did not show any diffraction
  6. Thanks, a reasonable offer they can bag a bargain
  7. I believe it is one of the first released ,it has been used on two occasions with a total of around 10 frames taken
  8. So after finding out that Zwo have made some improvements to this camera , I am open to offers, anything sensible will be considered ASI 1600MM-Cool, used twice £750 (offers) Thanks
  9. Hi LightBucket , sorry you missed it , it's now been sold
  10. Hello all , due to moving house, it is with deep sadness that I need to sell my gear. Most items I would prefer not to post and would be collection only , any smaller items that can be, postage will have to be covered by the buyer. If you are interested in any of the items please send a P.M and we can discuss it , So here goes Skywatcher Esprit 80 ED pro triplet in alu flight case this has not been used £750.00 SOLD to Kaliska Field Flattener for the above scope , this has not been used £ 80.00 SOLD to Kaliska Skywatcher evostar 80ed ds pro +
  11. Hello and welcome, from south of the loch
  12. http://glenn.ws/web/images/BackyardEOS UserGuide.pdf
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