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  1. Pete, 26mm is a very short spacing, I’d say the SA200 would definitely be a better bet. Could you fit a spacer between the filter and the camera to increase this spacing? This is always the compromise when trying to use gratings in filter wheels ( and other photo metric or AP applications) I have one set-up where a 207 l/ mm grating mounted in a Neumann filter drawer in front of a flip mirror ( to allow accurate setting on the target) then the camera - works out about 60mm. This gives a good Spectral image for the camera I used Atik16. (Edit) Pete, I think you have entered the wrong camera chip width in the calculator - must be more than 193 pixel???
  2. Just check the spacing between the grating and the camera chip. The SA200 is recommended where the spacing is limited... I use the SA100 at around 60mm spacing and a 207 l/mm at around 40mm. This determines the dispersion, the length and brightness of the Spectral image. I use John’s BASS Project for all my processing. Well worth checking out. Pete, mono is best. You can always colourise the Spectral image after calibration. ken
  3. The Newton Rings are only a problem when imaging the Sun in Ha.
  4. I have the Meade 5000 x3 extender and the ES x3 version and they look and perform the same. I also regularly use the x2.5 PM for solar and hoped that these x3 versions would reduce the Newton Rings I experience with the ASI 174. No such luck!! Still need the T2 tilter.
  5. James, This was discussed in a recent thread. I have never found it significant. with my spectroscope mounted behind an f10 SCT I actually end up around f11. Also, many users add a focuser to the rear cell to minimise the mirror slop, this adds at least 80 to 100 mm to the back focus, then add the OAG, the filter wheel and finally the camera. So we are well away from the design focus. I don’t hear any complaints about performance.
  6. Robin, Most of the Spectra I obtain is though the SASER group here in the S. Hemisphere and submitted to the ProAm campaigns we contribute to.
  7. There are more performance differences due to collimation and tuning in typical SCT’s than between brand names. I’ve seen good and bad examples of both Meade and Celestron instruments. which ever one you go for, enjoy!
  8. Alan, Thanks. Yeah, that seems to be all it does.........
  9. Hmmmm I have to disagree with your comment ""Meades are good but something about the optics are not as good as Celestrons"" I used Meade SCT's for many years, 8" 10 and 12" f10 and the f7 variants. They performed very well, no issues. I only changed to Celestron, a C11 when I was unable to find a suitable mount for the heavy Meade 12" SCT (bare weight 17 Kg!). Having used the C11 for some eight years now, I find it performs well and ideally suited for the spectroscopy work I do.
  10. Alan, Thanks got that! I was more interested in the functionality of the vertical green cursor line ( right click in quality graph). All I can see is that it shows the frame and frame# at the cursor position.....to do what????
  11. Just a comment: Although the page header says: The files below are only available for BAA members to download. Log in or join the BAA today to gain access to them. It appears possible to download the various contributions. Some good, useful material.
  12. OT. Neil, Can you help me understand the use of the green cursor in the AS3! quality graph? Sure, you can move it across the graph but it doesn't automatically pick up that point for stacking etc? Is there something I'm missing?????
  13. My misunderstanding!! yes, an EQ5pro not an HEQ5 Pro. Sorry for the error.
  14. Hmmmm The mount shown in the background is not a HEQ5 Pro mount. looks like an EQ5.
  15. Sounds good! check out our website for ideas..... We’re here to help and assist, just ask.
  16. Thanks. I was committed to A-P for over ten years before turning to spectroscopy. The challenge of science and technology I found met my needs.....after ten years I’m still 100% convinced that spectroscopy is an ideal area where serious amateurs can contribute to some serious research. Try it, you may find it satisfying.....
  17. Thanks! It’s always difficult to make a start in a new area of endeavor...... Hope that helps. Ken
  18. Interesting.... The ports you show are normally located on the HEQ5pro head..... What exactly is that control box - you mention power and EQMod???? Is this an upgrade to an EQ5 mount???
  19. I use various lecture notes when presenting spectroscopy as a subject worth considering for the amateur. The attached general notes may be helpful for those considering spectroscopy. practical_spectroscopy_notes.pdf
  20. Well done, great result! I assume you were using the Quark Chromo??
  21. Helen, 2sec would have been a better starting point... The Vega spectrum although well positioned, is blown out and over exposed. Looking in the background you can see some fainter spectra which show some detail... The attached (colour) example shows what you should be looking for. I use John's BASS Project for all my spectral processing. https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/astrobodger/info Onwards and Upwards.
  22. Not sure what the problem may be, but don’t think it’s windows associated. I use WIN10 (1903) with my PC’s with no issues.
  23. I use CdC but similar process. Connect up your mount, double check the comms port. Open the planetarium program, look for connect telescope, open and select EQMod ASCOM HEQ5/6, select properties and ensure all the settings are correct. then connect the telescope... The EQMod control screen should come up. (I've had to use the sim, not in the observatory at the moment, but you get the idea)
  24. The NEQ6pro has been my work horse for the past eight years. I've no experience with the NEQ6R, so can't comment. There are obviously other capable mounts out there, maybe others can comment.
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