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  1. It was the finest era of modern rocketry the Apollo craft with its five massive J-1 engines was without a doubt a true beast. The engine itself produced more power that every river in North America combined. All we have left are movies of this fine era. Which dont due justice to the chest rattling thunder it produced during launch. My hat goes off to the people that worked on Apollo. It was the most complex machine of its time. However I would have enjoyed watching a Apollo - Nova launch. And a special congradulations for Gene Kranz. He didnt ask what the "Aquarius" module was designed to do, he asked what can it do. Bringing the astronauts home in a life boat and what a life boat, and that was truly nasa's finest hour.

  2. Asteroid Apophis 2004MN4 will come within 29000 km/ 18000 mi of striking the Earth on April 13th, 2029 this asteroid will come inside the orbits of most of are major satellites. This asteriod is the size of 3 football fields and if it hits a 400km gravitational keyhole as it sling shots aroung us then it will return in 2036 for impact. check out the videos on my site.Astronomy and Pictures, See the damage that can happen.

  3. Welcome to SGL Jeff, interesting website. Are the skies nice and clear in Ohio?

    Actually no, with lake erie to my north early to mid fall to late March 1 out 5 days might be clear. Nights about 1 out of 7. The winter time lake erie cloud machine and light pollution is really bad here.
  4. I live Akron Ohio a mile from north of the I 76 interchange and about 5 blocks from I 77, 277 interchange to my north. They have erected 6 100 mercury vapor lights at each location. By doing this my view of Sagittarius and Scorpius and blackness of space has turned brown. To add insult to injury it looks a mist of mud and light. You can even see the light being reflected back from mid level clouds at night making them look yellow. We need shielded lights or the milky way will go the way of the unicorn. :laughing2:

    removal of unsuitable word Kai

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