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  1. Phil, Sorry you're having issues. For Elbrus the angle must be populated or you can use the "Any Angle" solve which will take longer but it will attempt to figure out the angle for you. If you have internet access where you're at I would recommend using the Astrometry.net solver which is the easiest to setup. If you don't have internet access you can try using ANSVR which will using your existing Astrometry.net installation (as part of Astrotortilla). As for the auto focus exposure time you can set those values through the auto focus settings area. Also I would recommend binning rather than sub frames here: http://www.mainsequencesoftware.com/Content/SGPHelp/AutoFocus.html Hope that helps, Jared
  2. Sequence Generator Pro has supported Nikon for a while now. It's geared towards AP. www.mainsequencesoftware.com Thanks, Jared
  3. What issues did you have getting Elbrus working? Generally the worst part is the installation. We have an Elbrus installer on the MSS site that greatly simplifies it. Plus you can use blind solve failover with Astrometry.NET which makes for a pretty bulletproof solution. Elbrus solves fast, if that fails Astrometry takes over and gets you back on track. Also there is a free version of Sequence Generator, called Sequence Generator Lite. It doesn't have all of the features of the Pro version but it does have camera and filter wheel control as well as auto guider. It's still a very capable capture app especially for the price :-) Thanks, Jared
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