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    T.V. , movies( sci fi fanatic ), consulting the Oricle, ( the internet ), porch gardening, photography, our chihuahua, plink'n, astronomy ( duh...), and beautiful clear, star filled nights!
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    Columbus, Ohio
  1. Excellent, I too wish for results as good....
  2. I saw a guy using that same thing and it was quite impressive how much info was in there. The Apollo 13 astronauts could have used one of those!
  3. I set mine out on the porch at least an hour before but I really don't know what the rule is... I won't be viewing in Cloudy Columbus, Ohio 2night unless it clears up around 4 or 5. And the humidity here has really been sucky...
  4. used2bjonstone

    From My Co-ordinates

    My pics of stuff from my spot in the universe...
  5. Spend wisely Grasshopper... new is not always better, in fact, I like the idea of not spending a lot on someting new until I've tried an older version of it. Some times the old scopes work better... depends on how You like it, right? Although, the wife does play a big part of it here so braging about getting the good deal on craigslist instead of, " You spent what on what?", works a lot better for me. I'm happy with used.... works for me. ...oh, and NICE SITE!
  6. Newbee buzzzzzzing around...

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